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Well, you know what? Five centimeters per second, the speed of Cherry Blossom falling

Dazzle Yi Four years ago (2017-02-22) Record the past one thousand three hundred and seventy-six

The name of xinhaicheng may be strange to new people or those who don't care about staff, but for those who have been in the house for a long time or are interested in making animation behind the scenes, they will certainly hold xinhaicheng to a very high level.

 Five centimeters per second, the speed of Cherry Blossom falling. JPG, do you know? Five centimeters per second, the speed of Cherry Blossom falling records the past

As for xinhaicheng, I don't want to go into details. If I really want to speak carefully, I may have to write a lot of words and deviate from the theme. In general, xinhaicheng is a first-class animation producer. Although there are not many works and they are all animated films, although there are still some deficiencies in storytelling, xinhaicheng's every second is the shock of wallpaper and the almost crazy detail description, so far no one can surpass it.

You might say, "so you mean as long as the picture is gone?" Of course not. Maybe xinhaicheng can't compare with Hayao Miyazaki and Shimin in in terms of story telling, but it doesn't mean that xinhaicheng can't tell stories. Here, we'll go into the main topic and tell the highest masterpiece of xinhaicheng, namely, the speed of five centimeters per second. There are a large number of stills in the following contents. Please read after watching.  

  A lot of people said that they couldn't understand the second five and didn't understand why the animation was loved by so many people. When I was reviewing this animation in station B, I was really distressed. I shouldn't have opened the barrage. A group of people started to brush at the beginning. They couldn't understand why they didn't use mobile phones. In the middle, there were a lot of "guards" and finally a bunch of "muddled forces". Of course, you have time Watching the barrage, shooting the barrage, tearing and forcing, you can't understand the sentimental feeling that you need to savor carefully, but you can't understand it because the "second five" requires people to carefully watch, experience and discover the details in order to understand its charm. So if you haven't seen the second five, please don't look at the online reviews. For those who brush online reviews, I don't know... We must say: XXX.  

Chapter one: Cherry Blossom copy

"Well, you know what? Five centimeters per second, the speed of Cherry Blossom falling. " Scattered cherry blossoms, running boys and girls, when the girl across the railway, two people across the railway, "Na, GUI Shujun, how good it would be to see cherry blossoms together next year." it simply introduced their pure beauty with a little immature feelings to the audience.

In fact, the story of second five is very simple. It is a beautiful first love. Who didn't fall in love with someone when they were ignorant, and who didn't think of the people they used to like when they were bored, and then their hearts trembled. So the audience of second five saw not only the film but also their own memories.

Some people say that the second five is about the story of putting down. The tree has been suffering because it can't be put down. But when he put it down at last, he also showed a smile.

Mingli and Guishu often transfer school because of family reasons, so they have no friends. They are a little lonely. But the two lonely people become good friends under the same hobby like reading books and become no longer lonely.  

  In the first 20 minutes of "Sakura copy", there were a lot of self-reports, recollections, scene switching and what happened from the first person perspective of your tree. In the first letter, I started two self-reported letters. The first one was about the weather. It was not that they didn't want to write anything, but after one year's separation, Mingli found that he could not find anything in common with you Topic, and the second letter, is the two people's agreement, the only can say, the only common yearning, the only common agreement.

In the Sakura copy, you have 20 minutes to experience your anxiety and loneliness. Xinhaicheng uses a lot of scene switching to show the passage of time, the anxiety of characters, and the development of things.

When Guishu gets on the tram, the scene keeps flashing at various times, such as clock, departure watch, stop sign, watch, etc. almost every time the scene is switched, xinhaicheng will tell the audience the time at this time, so that the audience and your tree can feel the passage of time together.

The scene of the first person perspective in the car is constantly changing. There are a lot of passers-by's voices and unimportant noises. Guishu just stands in the car quietly, as if other people's affairs have nothing to do with him. The cold wind outside the door blows at him, and he doesn't notice that the door is not closed, which shows his anxiety at this time.  

Every time the tram stops, the hearts of the host and the audience will tremble slightly. The voice on the radio says the notice of suspension due to the accident. It seems like a curse of the devil, but it can't escape. Finally, the scene is no longer switched to Guishu. At this time, Guishu is in pain after losing the letter in the blind. At this time, the stop notice of the tram makes him fall into despair. He keeps looking at his watch and the stop sign in the car. Finally, he takes off his watch and sits helpless.

"Ming Li, if you have already gone home, it will be fine." this is your tree let me the most moving self-statement, even if no matter how painful, I also hope you can be happy.

After 20 minutes of despair, xinhaicheng used 10 seconds to let the audience and Guishu see Mingli. It only took 10 seconds, as if the greatest happiness in the world was like this. It took another 4 minutes to let Mingli and your tree share each other's happiness. But it's not enough to give the audience four minutes, and to Guishu and Mingli in the evening. Because there are too many things to say, then simply don't say it.  

Just like the words of your tree under the cherry tree: "at that moment, I seem to understand where eternity, soul and soul are. I feel that we understand each other's everything in the past 13 years.

”Each other thinks about each other and understands each other's intentions. So many words are hypocritical. They understand that their feelings may seem so small in front of time.

But Mingli said when the tram left: "you Shujun, it will be smooth in the future, certainly." Even if they believe that they can still meet each other.  

Chapter two "astronauts"

  This chapter is actually a failed chapter. The theme of this chapter is single love. Originally, xinhaicheng hopes to tell the story of a girl who is single in love with Guishu from the perspective of Huamiao. In the last chapter, we hope that we will not only be moved by Guishu and Mingli, but also the audience will be moved by Huamiao's persistence. However, in the first chapter of "Sakura copy", the audience has fixed Guishu's and Mingli's It is the idea of a really happy couple, but the feelings of Huamiao are so superfluous, because supporting Huamiao means giving up Mingli. I don't think any audience wants to do this after watching the cherry blossom copy. So for the audience, "astronaut" is just a third perspective to tell you the story of Mingli's feelings after you transferred to school.  

  Yes, if you can put Huamiao and Mingli in the same place in your heart, I think Huamiao's feelings can also touch you. Huamiao likes your tree very much and waits for your tree at school every day, just to say a few words on the way home. Huamiao knew that you would not like yourself, but your gentleness made her hope again and again, so Huamiao cried Don't cry so softly to your tree.

Huamiao looked at the distant rocket and said this sentence: "desperately, blindly extended arms to the sky, lifted the huge object to the sky, and looked at something that was gradually gone like the past clouds." This sentence is like writing your tree, chasing the shadow of the Ming Li desperately, looking at the memory of the more and more distant Ming Li.

"The reason why Mr. Ono makes people feel different is that I finally have a little understanding. At the same time, I also clearly realize that there is no me in his eyes." Huamiao understands the reason why she likes Guishu, the way he tries to pursue, the way he looks at the distance, and the way he tries to return to Tokyo.

"Although Mr. Ono is very gentle and gentle, he has been watching behind me, a more distant thing. My expectation to him must be impossible to achieve. Even so, even so, no matter tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, or in the future, I will still be unable to extricate myself from liking him." Huamiao likes to gaze at the precious tree in the distance. At the same time, she also understands that even if she is in front of the precious tree, she does not have her in the eyes of the tree. Therefore, she did not say that she likes the precious tree in the end. However, she still has no remedy to like the precious tree.  

Minghuamiao's feelings are so delicate and touching, but almost all the audience's eyes are like Guishu's only Mingli, and they don't realize that this chapter actually has the feelings that are not inferior to the first chapter.  

Five seconds chapter five speed

This chapter is the shortest of the three chapters. There are four minutes of episodes and memories. But I think everyone knows that this chapter is the one that sublimates the whole movie. It corresponds to the first chapter of "Sakura copy". This chapter is about the two people after separation.

Mingli is going to get married next month, because the marriage is going to Tokyo. In the tram, she remembers the letter she found last night. At that time, she wrote but didn't send it to Guishu. I don't know whether she lost her address or her feelings disappeared, so she didn't send her letter. At this time, he remembered the scene when he separated from your tree that day.

  Guishu is a programmer. When he finally came to Tokyo, he had a girlfriend and a job. But he had been looking far away. He wanted to work hard. Not only did he lose his momentum, but the rest was just mechanical work, forced and forced to work. In the past, the true feelings of Ming Li became blurred with the passing of time He had the habit of writing short messages, but he never sent them out, and now this habit is no longer there. Until one day, when his feelings and dreams disappeared, he quit his job. In the convenience store with one more time, one more chance, he also remembered the day when the two separated.

 “ Yesterday, I had a dream, a long time ago, in the dream, we were only 13 years old. It was in the countryside covered with a thick layer of snow. The lights of the people's family were far away, only two scattered points could be seen. On the accumulated new snow, only the footprints of the two of us could be seen. Then, one day, we could enjoy the cherry blossoms together again. He and I firmly believe that. "

Although they can't enjoy the cherry blossom together, they finally meet under the cherry blossom, which can be regarded as enjoying the cherry blossom together in a certain sense.  

I didn't like one more time, "One more chance" is not sad in my heart. Compared with the "Cherry Blossom copy" at the end of the film, it is not light and sad at all. Especially, the memory inserted when playing this song is so painful that I go to school alone; I write a letter to a half crying Ming Li; the two people who originally talked in the letter can no longer receive each other's letter The plane carrying the precious tree is far away, which makes the latter one go home; the bright place holding someone else's arm; buying your tree alone makes people feel heartache.  

But why sad music? Xinhaicheng once said: the second five is not a tragedy.

After meeting, the two people have turned back, indicating that they still have feelings like each other before, but how can they meet? Mingli is engaged, and meeting her just adds trouble to her and her family, so she chooses to leave.

But Guishu's love for Mingli has become a chain that hinders his progress. Love has become painful. But if he puts it down and Mingli doesn't, he will suffer more. So when he finds out that Mingli has put down this relationship and left, he shows a relieved smile.

It's not that they no longer like each other, but they already know that they can't be together.

Like each other must be together? Flower seedlings love your tree, so why can't you stay with your tree?

So now I think one more time, one more chance is just right in front of this doomed relationship.  

"Five centimeters per second" is a very touching film. Although it is not perfect and lacks storytelling, many details need to be experienced and discovered by the audience. It's OK to watch it twice. If the audience is required to experience all the details and feelings of the characters at one time, it's really a bit overwhelming.

But because of this, the feelings he conveys are so delicate and true, which is why this work has been recommended by so many people.

In his later works, he has been pursuing more and more story telling, but at the same time, he has lost the expression of feelings. In "chasing the children of the stars", he wanted to learn the story of Hayao Miyazaki, but he got a lot of bad comments. I think this is one of the important reasons.

Your name. 》In the box office success, although there are several shortcomings, but does not prevent the works are very good. Compared with the second five, your name is more acceptable to the audience, easier to understand and more entertaining.

But I feel a little disappointed, because I would like to see "second five" such works only belong to xinhaicheng, perhaps because I prefer "second five" such delicate and touching feelings.  

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I had a dream yesterday

Mingli: a dream a long time ago

In my dream, we are only 13 years old

Mingli: there is a big field full of snow

Expensive tree: People's light is so far away, can only vaguely see

Mingli: there are only footprints left by our walking on the gradually accumulated new snow

You tree: one day we can enjoy cherry blossoms again

Minri: he and I did not hesitate

Guishu: such expectation



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