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Fifty years of refuge in the mountains, how can we know that only five days have passed

Dazzle Yi Four years ago (2017-01-05) Record the past one thousand one hundred and forty-nine

People often say that when they kill dogs when they are righteous, most of them are scholars. Those who are literate can learn the twists and turns in the book. If their moral character is not good, the harm will be worse than that rude man.

However, there is a butcher in Jianjun County, whose surname is Ma Shijie. He has been slaughtering pigs for generations. He has a good family background and a beautiful house. He is not well versed in a thousand words, but he likes to listen to legends. Whenever he is comfortable, he would like to become a hero in the storyteller population and be happy with his gratitude and hatred. If the villagers have a lot of grievances, let him know. Anyone who can help will not refuse.

But because of this, he taught a group of idle friends, and all day long he followed his ass to beg for food and drink.

One day, Ma Shijie was drinking with his friends. A man named Du San came to complain. He said that an evil gentry surnamed Wang had forcibly robbed his wife and beat himself up. He was so angry that his mother stretched his legs and his three-year-old child died in shock. He said that one horse hero and the next one was ma Haohan. He wiped his bitter tears and begged Ma Shijie to be the master.

Ma Shijie is drinking to the sound. Hearing this, nameless industry suddenly rises. He slaps the table and grabs Du San's lapel. He drinks and asks, "where is this villain now? I won't tear down his bones."

Du San turned his worries into joy and said, "when Wang Dongjia is in the business of medicinal materials, he will go home through the official way every eighth day, eighteen twenty-eight days. Today is the eighteenth day. At noon, he will come. My wife will come back with her new arrival in the carriage."

Ma Shijie let the shopkeeper sift three bowls of wine, dried in one breath, wiped his mouth and said, "we'll go now, and you can get up, and master Ma will be fair to you."

After about an hour, Du Sanyi pointed to three carriages in the distance and said, "horse hero, look, this is the carriage of the Wang family."

  Ma Shijie was impatient to wait. Hearing this, Ma Shijie ran away. One of them threw the coachman out of the car and lifted the three curtains. Two people sat in the front of the carriage, a middle-aged man about 40 years old and a beautiful little woman. The middle-aged man was startled. After seeing Du San's half head, he snorted in his nose and disdained, "Du San, You're getting people to mess around again

Du three tearful, way, "Ma hero, this is the man who robbed my wife."

Ma Shijie put the middle-aged man out of the car with a sneer. He slapped him in the face and scolded the old thief. He was too tired to die on his belly at night. At this time, the other two carriage companions came to their senses. One of them said, "be bold, take this savage man down for me."

Ma Shijie laughs, lifts the middle-aged man up, slams him on the ground, falls down, pulls on his greasy sleeves, and beats the group together.

Shaoqing finished the war, but saw the woman whimpering and weeping. Ma Shijie said, "I've been angry for you. You can go back with your husband Du San."

However, the woman said, "I don't know that Du San has your friend. You must have listened to his demagogues and beat the master and the county magistrate. This Du San is really a wolf in the eye."

It turned out that Du San had a lot of gambling debts and was unable to pay them back. He sold his wife to the king squire as his concubine. The villagers laughed at him and felt upset. He repeatedly asked his ex-wife for money. Later, he was found by the squire Wang and served with a stick. He was very angry. This day, he lost his bet and became more and more impatient. After passing through the town's restaurant, he saw Ma Shijie drinking in it. Ma Shijie is a famous person in the town, and everyone knows it. So he made up a plan to lie to Ma Shijie, so as to get a bargain and get out of his bad temper.

Ma Shijie was a rude man. He used to be chivalrous. However, he was short of other people's carelessness and delicacy. After drinking wine, he did not distinguish the truth from the false. He had to wait for a long time in the official circles to beat the people to their knees and eat the dirt.

  After hearing that Ma Shijie had beaten, some of them were the county magistrate. Du San ran the fastest. Ma Shijie was furious and said, "I'm so confused that I've been cheated by treacherous tricks." he thought, "now that I've hit the county magistrate, Ma Shijie is doing everything alone. I have nothing to say, but I've got to get rid of Du San." So he tried his best to catch up with him.

Du San knew that Ma Shijie was so fierce that he ran off one of his shoes. He ran to the river bank in a panic. Ma Shijie scolded the straight Niang thief and punched him. Du San was hit hard. His legs softened and he fell into the river.

Neither of them knew how to water. A few people watching the scene pointed out or looked at it with their arms in their arms. No one helped them. Du San was also unlucky. He struggled for a moment, but the water disappeared.

Ma Shijie was startled. He woke up half of the time. He stopped and said, "bad thing, bad thing. I wanted to punch him a few punches to vent my anger. He was so unstable that he rolled into the river. This time he was afraid that he would sit through the prison." he hurried home and cleaned up. He didn't dare to walk the official road. He picked up the path and fled into the mountain.

Along the mountain road, there is an open-air cave, such as an inverted funnel, which is covered by vegetation at the entrance. You can't see it. Ma Shijie stepped on it empty and fell into the cave.

This fall, however, threw his soul and soul into the body. Suddenly, two messengers appeared. The law enforcement poster said, "Ma Shijie, you've finished your Yang life. Now you're going to the Hades." Ma Shijie can't speak. Seeing the Dharma stick, he can't help but follow the two Yin differences.

After crossing a big river, there is a city on the other side of the river after the ferry. All of them are dead. Ma Shijie is in a daze. He is waiting in line among the people. He is not able to distinguish the sun and the moon. After a long time, he is taken to a hall and writes "the hall of death."

  "Ma Shijie, you are always fond of injustice and accumulate your virtue, but you hurt people's lives because of your carelessness, which leads to the destruction of your moral integrity. Good and evil offset each other. This time, we will not punish you. You can reincarnate. Du Sanpin's behavior is bad. He sold his wife to pay off his debts. He also bewitched the people. He was punished by fire for 200 years, about 30 years in the sun For twenty years, in order to eliminate the injury of previous life, I would not accept it? "

Ma Shijie answered vaguely. After signing his autograph, he was pulled out of the hall by the messengers. There were six dark bottomless wells, and the messengers put him into one of the wells.

Ma Shijie was born into a family surnamed Liu. When he was 30 years old, he had a son. Twenty years later, when he heard that his son fell into the water, he jumped into the river to rescue him. It was winter. He breathed his breath into ice. After he pushed his son back to the bank, he was exhausted and sank to the bottom of the river.

However, it kept falling. The wind was blowing and the cold was everywhere. After a long time, Ma Shijie's legs stretched and he woke up again. However, he saw the star light passing through the gap between the grass and trees. It took him a long time to think about it. He killed Du San and fled for his life in the mountains. He fell into the open cave and woke up again.

In the past 50 years, it's not true.

 Fifty years of refuge in the mountains, how can you know that five days have passed in the world

Ma Shijie sighed a long sigh. Compared with the past, his temperament has changed greatly. Fortunately, his muscles and bones are not hurt. He is so agile that he drags the vine up. What's the use of escaping like this? It's better to go back. So he finds the way down the mountain carefully. When he reaches the foot of the mountain, the east side is white.

After entering the village to inquire, it turned out that it was only five days later that Du San sank to the bottom of the water. Later, he was pulled up and didn't die. Ma Shijie confessed to the county magistrate. The magistrate and the county magistrate had always been at odds with the county magistrate. He intended to give a light sentence. He said that Du San was the cause of the disaster. He only hit Ma Shijie's twenty ridged staff. Du San was put into prison. The county magistrate was angry with Du San and went to prison every few days to "greet" him.

The villagers also noticed that Ma Shijie, who did not know a few big characters, was now speaking out in a clear voice, rather like a scholar. He was surprised and asked one after another. Ma Shijie said slightly, "it's something in the previous life, or something in the next life." so he recounted the adventures of reincarnation. All the listeners were surprised. Some good people were recorded in the book and became a legend.

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Four years ago (2017-01-28)

I really have the feeling of watching the story club. Ma Shijie's dream is also very powerful. Happy new year to bloggers!

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Happy new year to you!
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