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[tutorial] super detailed registration US ID tutorial!

Dazzle Yi Two years ago (2020-04-27) one thousand eight hundred and fifty-three zero

It is better to teach people to fish than to teach people to fish. This is an international flight. Hold on and get ready to start!

Important tips

For this registered ID, it is best to log in only on the app store, not your icloud ID.


Registration method of computer equipment

1. First install the environment and require Google browser and astar plug-in.

2. Connect the U.S. with astar and enter Apple's official website com , pull the page to the bottom, check whether it is the country you want, and if not, change it to the address you want.


3. Enter the registration page and select register.


4. Enter the new registration page and fill in your information according to the following figure.




5. After everything is set up, Apple will send a verification code to your email. Enter it in the dialog box.


6. At this time, your ID has been registered, but it can't be downloaded yet. We need to verify the payment information. After verifying the email verification code, you can see the new page.


7. Fill in the information, and then save on the top right means to save. After that, you can save it directly.

Easy copy and paste



twenty thousand and five

two billion twenty-two million five hundred and eighty-two thousand nine hundred and twelve



8. Here, the basic tutorial has been completed. Next, use your Apple device to find the app store in the settings, log off the previous ID and log in to the new ID.

Download what you need Software After that, you can exit the new ID and change back to the old ID, and the software can still be used.

9. If you can't download it, you need to save the payment information on your mobile phone again.






10. Finally, it will be OK to display the above figure. Next, you can download any software you want with your ID.


Android device registration

As with the computer registration method, open Apple's registration website with your mobile phone browser, and then register.

Still need to hang up in advance. Android's Micro fart en can be downloaded by replying "looking at the world" in the background. There are many kinds of them, which are free of charge.

Apple device registration

Just like the computer registration method, open the registration address with the browser provided by the mobile phone, and then register.

Still need to hang up in advance. Apple's Micro fart en, is also in the background reply "look at the world" to download.


The above are the registration methods of the three devices. Although there are many bloggers providing ID on the Internet, or some treasure has a sales account, these are not their own and are easy to be locked. It is definitely the best to register one by yourself.

If some apps need to be purchased, you can search for Apple ID on a certain treasure, and you can purchase them.

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