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Blue play cloud disk link error can not download the solution

Dazzle Yi 2020-04-13 Industry trends two thousand one hundred and eighty-five

This article is about the solution that blueplay cloud disk cannot be downloaded recently.

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Blueplay cloud is a domestic online disk provider, which provides unlimited online disk space and unlimited download speed. Free users can upload 100m files.

But today, I found that I couldn't download the file from blueplay cloud. I mistakenly thought it was the net net. Later, I saw that the DNS of Unicom card / broadband was polluted. I would like to forward the solution for those high friends who can't open blueplay cloud.

The solutions are as follows:

1. You can try other browsers, such as quark, QQ browser, UC browser, etc( Quark UC with alidns, QQ browser with tencent DNS)

2. MIUI users change 3gnte to 3gwap in [settings / dual card and mobile network / click SIM Internet number / access point name (APN) /]

3. Add a number or letter after http: / /, or delete TTP: / / (h not deleted)

4. For example, blueplay cloud download address: Can't access, please remove "www." and change to:

5. Modify the file "C: Windows / system32 / Drivers / etc / hosts" and add a line:

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Easy to use. Thank you for sharing

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