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Parents are still wandering, but you are showing off poetry and distance

Dazzle Yi Four years ago (2016-12-16) Record the past nine hundred and thirteen

Some time ago, chatting with friends, he accompanied a younger brother to travel in Hokkaido.

I asked him if he had a good time. He told me that he and his brother were not on the same journey, so the journey was not very pleasant.

He told me in detail that my younger brother pestered his parents to go to Japan to play. His mother was worried, so he invited my friend to follow him.

His younger brother, whose family is not rich, just went to university and has no ability to make money on his own, but has the ability to spend money like land. Take a small matter, Japanese prices are very expensive, a piece of Hami melon to about 30 yuan.

 Parents are still wandering, but you are showing off poetry and distance

Parents are still wandering, but you are showing off poetry and distance

My friend asked me, "can you agree that you can't make money, your family is not very rich, and you don't even blink because you are thirsty and refuse to buy water, but you eat three slices of Hami melon in one breath?"

This child, let me think of a very impressive words: parents are still wandering, but you are showing off poetry and distance.

There are a lot of such people around.

Another friend of mine, whose family condition is very ordinary, is living a very "senior" life.

She thought the lunch box of the unit was bad. She went out to the restaurant at noon every day and ordered a cup of milk tea for more than ten yuan in the afternoon. Go out shopping with her, she will always pull me to eat popular and expensive restaurants. When traveling with her, she always bought all kinds of food and souvenirs with high prices in the scenic area, and spent money like water. Stinky tofu is not delicious. She tasted one, vomited it out, frowned disgustingly and threw it away.

I dare not persuade her not to spend too much money. Every time she tried to persuade her, she was unconvinced to squint and squint at her eyes. She put out two famous sayings from her and spoke with reason.

The first sentence, "girls, to be rich"; the second sentence, "come out to play, you must be happy, don't care too much about money." It seems that I am too stingy and stingy to persuade her to save properly.

I thought she must be well-off until I went to her once. She lived in a suburban house, old and damp, narrow and small. From the first floor to the second floor, she had to climb a very steep staircase.

Her grandmother, dressed in her high school uniform coat, sat at home picking vegetables. She asked her grandmother why she didn't play cards. The old man said, "I lost dozens of Yuan these two days. I'm not happy today.".

I borrowed their bathroom, and my grandmother never forgot to tell me to flush it with the water that had been washed in the bucket. Don't press the button. The water splashed and wasted money.

It was such a thrifty old man who gave his granddaughter all the savings he had saved by selling vegetables, leaving her to squander.

Lunch with her father and mother, her father said, do not expect her to earn money to support the family, she earned that little salary, to their own food and clothing.

Later, my friend asked me to travel with me on vacation. She told me that it was very cold to commute in winter. She was going to buy a car and her family agreed to buy it for her. Hearing this, I can only smile, do not know what to respond to.

There is a joke that says, "I regard money as dung, and my parents see me as a septic tank."

In our generation, many people do.

Some time ago, we discussed online whether children should be raised in poverty or in wealth. Those who advocate rich support ask: should boys be raised in poverty? How much hatred does your child have against you?

I want to ask those rich children who want money? How much money do your parents owe you?

I know a boy who has paid his parents an IOU for all his expenses from college to work. Occasionally travel money, but also rely on their own part-time work to earn. After working, he takes money from his monthly salary to repay his parents. After the children grow up, parents have no obligation to support them, so there is no need to discuss the topic of poor and rich support. But the reality is that many people get married and let their parents carry the mortgage.

If you come from an ordinary family like me, you should know that every penny your parents earn is not easy.

When parents are engaged in physical labor with sweat under the scorching sun, when their parents are engaged in mental work in a small cubicle with backache, you will consume their one-day salary with a big meal. Will there really be no trace of guilt?

When parents are yelled at by the leadership, when parents are called to and fro by customers, you are inviting friends and leading a smart life. Can't you really bear it?

When you armed yourself with iPhones, iPads, and Macs, your parents even have to think about buying a 10 yuan 100m traffic package for a long time, but they haven't been willing to buy it;

When you wear a brand with a name, and a pair of shoes costs thousands of yuan, your parents are wearing old shoes that have been eliminated by you. They don't understand the brand you say, and you laugh that they are out of date;

When you think that your knowledge, quality and vision are far beyond your parents, so you dislike that your parents have "never seen the world", have you ever thought about it? In fact, it is your parents who hold you to a higher place that you can have a chance to see a bigger world?

You live an invincible youth, you live a bright life, but you can't see behind you, silently supporting your parents, in order to let you live a better life, is still humbling to the world.

Don't think of your parents when you are short of money. They are not ATMs. They have temperature on their chest. They have feelings in their heart.

——Parents love us, love is not easy.

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 Jiang Chen
Four years ago (2016-12-19)

This is a very classic article ~ ~ I like it very much



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