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Heard that the leeks of blockchain are running recently?

Dazzle Yi 2019-11-02 Life experience nine hundred and sixteen

Recently, many people have asked me about the app "qubu". They say that the mode is very innovative and different from other blockchain virtual currencies. I hope I can analyze it.

In view of the fact that many readers are too innocent and kind-hearted, and have a primary understanding of deception, they can't see the essence of the scam, and they often can't recognize it by changing their shells. Today, I'm going to pick and pull this interesting step.


As for why we don't write in-depth interesting steps on the large size, the main reason is that the fund tray is too simple to support the feeling of long content.

To put it bluntly, the scam itself is too retarded to be worthy of my in-depth article. Only 3000 words are enough to make them understand.

Can you be more competitive and try harder?

Look at other people's ptfx foreign exchange fund tray, usury, P2P and Southeast Asian gambling industry, all gave me two rounds of whipping corpse.

A scam that I haven't deeply hated can't be called influential at all.

Fun step, come on! If you don't forget your original intention, you will get financial freedom in prison.

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Let's take a look at what kind of product qubu is.

The core mode of fun step is actually very simple. As long as you walk every day and make up 3000 steps, you will be given some rewards. These rewards are collectively called candy.

This candy is essentially a kind of virtual currency. You can bid in the qubu group or withdraw cash from the app. However, you have to make 10 candies and pay a service fee.

This fee is usually 50% for newcomers. If you want to reduce the handling fee, you have to exchange candy for senior scrolls.

The more advanced the scroll, the more candy you can produce, even if you don't need to run.

Qubu packaged such a simple project as paying money on foot. By using blockchain technology, it links the movements of different users at different times and places on the chain, and uses consensus algorithm to generate blocks and tokens, which are candy.

It seems that there is no problem. Compared with other air currency, it seems that it is a little reliable? You don't have to pay. Just walk? Wechat doesn't give money when walking.

But in fact, this kind of statement is similar to that of me. It sounds very reasonable, but in fact, it is very sand sculpture, which can only deceive laymen who don't understand.

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In the eyes of people like me who love each other every day with the fraud and money laundering of illegal production swindlers, the whole business model of qubu is full of loopholes, which can't be blocked, just like the sieve.

This sieve is about people's intelligence.

There is no invoice for IQ tax, so it can't be reimbursed.

First of all, you need Alipay real name authentication to pay 1 yuan.

The external statement of qubu is that the 1 yuan is collected by Alipay, which has nothing to do with qubu.

As a person who deals with Alipay official all day, how can I not know that Alipay real name authentication should be charged?

 640.webp (3).jpg


So how is the money collected?

And look at your records. Who is the payee of this?

This is the first step of IQ filtering, which is smart and stops at this step.

By the way, because qubu is suspected of breach of contract, Alipay has stopped cooperating with them. If you don't believe it, ask Alipay customer service.

Qubu is now conservative and has millions of real name users, which is the income of millions. To develop an app like qubu, the quotation in the open market is 12W.

That is to say, no matter what, they have made a fortune by their real names.


If you pay 1 yuan real name IQ tax, Congratulations, you are already an accurate user of IQ tax payment. The whole scam link will unlock you successfully. Please transfer and pay.

You can take part in walking to earn candy. I.Q. tax should be priced step by step. Interesting step is really exquisite.

As mentioned above, the way to play funny step is that you walk, and he gives candy. It doesn't sound wrong.

So the problem is, as we all know, walking can cheat.

I can cheat the step number sensor by shaking my mobile phone, even with simple tools.

 640.webp (1).jpg

I register a number of accounts, with the tool swaying back and forth every day, isn't it beautiful?

Thanks to qubu, you have lowered the threshold of the mining machine to the Taobao package post standard. You can buy a high-end blockchain miner for only 30 yuan.

What are you waiting for? Hurry up to mine!

If you're smarter, you can use scripts to operate in batches directly, and you don't even need a miner. You can pay a little electricity, so that everyone can dig and enjoy great merits.

 640.webp (2).jpg

If walking itself does not create value, then what is the value of the project packaged with such things?

Yes! We still have blockchain! There is also the fund tray! And pyramid schemes!

Mr. Li Xiaolai, the master of blockchain cutting leek, once said that the consensus of sb is also valuable, as long as sb pays the bill.

Our big money circle is real.

So you see, it doesn't matter whether something has value or not. The important thing is whether or not you recognize it. This is the knowledge point. All people who want to cheat should learn from it.

 640.webp (3).jpg

After qubu filters out a large number of IQ sensitive users through the two IQ filters of real name system and walking to earn candy, the next step is to trade sweets and make their own businesses.

In the rules of funny step, candy can be traded, which seems to buy low and sell high?

But the question here is, where is your entire trading link? Is there any monitoring?

It's all in the QQ group and wechat group of qubu. A group of sand sculptures are calling for buying and selling. You don't know how many people are on the official control panel of qubu, how many are robots, and how many are salted fish that can only shout 666.

Even other people's air currency knows to find a pheasant exchange to cut leeks.

As can be seen from the interesting step, the air currency is also in recession, so consumption can only be degraded, Sociology Sociology.

 640.webp (4).jpg

To say the least, if Qu Bu's sand sculpture bidding has no hands on (we all know that this is impossible), the candy generation mechanism and encryption algorithm are not disclosed. Although qubu claims to have only one billion candy, it is because everything is black box, and no one can supervise them.

If you don't even have an exchange and you don't know how many sweets are in circulation in the market, everything the dealer says, including punctuation, is not credible.  

Through the total number of opaque virtual currency, opaque trading mechanism and high amount of water pumping, this is equivalent to a thorough banker's plate. If the dealer wants to make the currency price rise, he will fall if he wants to make them fall, because from the beginning to the end, this transaction is the banker's private land.

This is not even cut leeks, because they are completely their own, which is called a big harvest of leeks.

Unfortunately, many leeks with simple brains don't realize this.

 640.webp (5).jpg

Of course, funny step felt embarrassed to cut leeks so naked. So they later set up a CHT to marry you. They also gave a tutorial on how to change sweets into ght. They even told users that they also have exchanges and can trade ght.

It's a pity that it only takes 120000 yuan to make a qubu app, but it needs a huge amount of 300000 yuan to make a complete exchange. This is an astronomical number for the so-called "good money" and hundreds of millions to make everyone run. Qu Bu was reluctant to give up the money. They only offered 120000 yuan.

As a result, their so-called exchanges can only trade ght, and all other mainstream virtual currencies can only look at the price and cannot trade.

 640.webp (6).jpg

Even the Shanzhai exchange is not complete. People can see that it is a complete internal market. I think it is not good if there is no craftsman spirit.

We are all scholars. Can we do a whole set of plays?

All the leeks are cut. Could you sharpen the sickle a little bit.


In addition to registration fees, no value to walk, no transparency in transactions, no supervision over the issuance of currency, and the market maker can handle the market, qubu also has a typical fraud feature, that is, attracting people and developing offline.

When it comes to pulling people's heads and developing offline, many people who come to play are not leeks, but leeks who think they can cut leeks.

A large number of MLM practitioners swarmed into qubu, because they know that attracting people is the most profitable business.

They know that qubu is a fraud at first sight, but they also know that pyramid selling is often advanced to attract people and make a lot of money.

Unfortunately, they are leeks.

 640 (1).gif 640.gif

Because it is different from the traditional MLM, qubu does not give money, only candy.

However, none of the three-party institutions and banks have ever acknowledged the value of qubu's candy. Even the domestic government is still cracking down on virtual currency and ICO, which is illegal.

What's the point of this candy? I've already said it's interesting to send as much as you want, how much you want to control the price, how to exchange it if you want to, and don't change it if you want to change it. What's the point of pulling people's heads for this kind of ghost thing?

It seems that MLM leaders are not easy to do these days.

 640 (1).gif

Here, let's summarize the interesting step product.

1. Collect a batch of funds through real name authentication for their own team operation.

2. Through the so-called walking to make money, attract a group of ignorant people to participate. If these people do not make money, at most they are free labor. If they pay for candy and rolls, they are leeks.

3. By controlling the scale of issuing currency and the trading market, we can be a banker and form a fund plate.

4. By attracting MLM leaders to attract people, a large number of offline products can be sent away with candy, and the cost is extremely low.

5. Inhale a large number of speculators who think that they can make money by playing high-level scrolls, just like Qianbao.

See here, you have a very clear answer, this is the capital disk in the cloak of blockchain game

 640.webp (1).jpg

Sometimes I have to sigh, with the development of the Internet, now the cheaters really do more and more tall on.

In the past, we had to do road shows in the countryside, set up stores, hold parties abroad regularly, dance passionately and shout slogans every day.

Now just hang a shell of blockchain and new technology, and make use of people's greed for sudden wealth.

The same trick can be repeated a hundred times, just change the shell.

The road to anti fraud is still a long way to go.

Anti fraud education also needs people to do.

Later, please call me sand sculpture education instructor, OK?

 640 (2).gif

But you are very confused, I walk, I do not pay, where did he cheat me?

First of all, Qu Bu took away all your real name information, and you also paid him money to give it to him. What can I do with this information? I suggest reviewing my article on the use of identity information (starting with the identity scalping industry: those who are publicly touted).

Secondly, according to the law of large numbers, as long as there are enough people involved and the coverage is wide enough, the base number of leeks will also increase. As long as you keep helping people and basking in the circle of friends, leeks will always receive information, be cheated and finally be cut.

Every time you forward the interesting step money making information, you will attract some leeks' curiosity. After all, making money by walking is enough to arouse the curiosity of most people.

So even if you won't be cheated, what you have to do is to tell all the people around you about the problem of qubu. Because in those leeks, there are probably your parents, family members, parents and classmates. You work hard to save money, and your savings are on the chain. Are you angry?

In this world connected by the Internet, no one can be alone.

Helping others is also helping yourself.

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