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The power to change destiny

Dazzle Yi 12 months ago (08-26) Understanding life three hundred and thirty-eight

 Jpg's power to change destiny

Friends invite dinner, do direct sales.

I've asked me many times. I'm quite disgusted and refused

He said that he happened to pass by this time. He was near my home. I haven't seen you for a long time.

I thought about it for a moment. I'd better go. After all, I've known each other for such a long time. Everyone has the right to choose his own career. I can't break up with him just because he is a direct seller. In addition, my face is thin and I don't know how to refuse, so I'd better meet and have a meal.

My bottom line: as long as he doesn't ask to borrow money.

Why not borrow it?

Meat buns beat dogs, there is no return. I know one of his relatives, and I heard that all the relatives around him have been borrowed.

In a Hunan restaurant near my home in CBD.

As for the information, I'll wait at table 10.

I said OK, wait a minute, drive for a few minutes.

To meet, a look, people thin, but the spirit is very good.

I said, come here?

He said, "yes, I've been asking you to have dinner before. I want to ask you some questions, but you have no time.". Today, just around the corner.

I said, the child is small, and I have to help with my child. Now there are many things to do. Now the range of activities is within half an hour's drive, and I don't want to move when I'm far away.

At present, I'm still doing high-level greetings. I feel a bit stressed and my family won't let me do it. I feel like I've run into a bottleneck. I want to talk to you. I have many ideas and see many things.
It's more difficult to persuade a direct seller to quit than to persuade a person to join.


Training of direct selling system It's very powerful. Today you make him shake a little. When he goes back in the evening, the teacher in wechat gives him a lesson. The next day, he goes to the exchange meeting. Within half an hour, he feels his energy is full of blood.
Is direct selling really profitable?

Some people can make money,

But it's the majority who don't make money.

Why are so many people reluctant to leave when they can't make money?

Because they don't make money, they get great spiritual satisfaction in the training and social system of direct selling.

I've been depressed by life for so long, and I've been doing loser for so long. I feel that I've found my life meaning and I feel full of energy for the first time.

Skipping the needs of well-off society, they directly feel the spiritual satisfaction of the highest level demand.

If they leave that system, it means going back to the miserable life before.

No one is willing to accept the past life, no one is willing to accept the failure of their own, into do not want to come out.

I said, how are you doing?

He said he made more than 10000 this month. The company took 40000 yuan of goods from the company, and the company awarded more than 10000 yuan. Now I've entered a circle and got to know some bosses. Now the relationship department is OK. I feel that I can sell them more than 40000 goods and earn more. Moreover, if they can become our agent members, I won't have to work so hard in the future.

I thought to myself, are you really stupid? You give others 40000, others give you 10000, after all, are you making or others making?

The mouth didn't say, afraid to hurt him.

In fact, he is not bad, looking at me a little heartache.

Fortunately, he was not married and had no children. If it went on like this, his wife would have to run with her children.

He didn't say much about his direct selling business. He talked about the surrounding and the past.

I can't tell you how to eat half of the products.

I said, I did not do direct sales, ah, the most is to sell things online. This kind of order depends on your strong relationship. I don't know how to do it.

I asked, didn't your trainer teach you?

He also said that he was a nutritionist. The master leads in the door, and the cultivation depends on the individual. There are some people in our group who do well, but I'm not very good at it.

I said, well done, what does that man do?
He said that a woman, who had a factory in her family, had studied abroad.

I said, you are in the business of rich people, because rich people will buy high-grade nutrition products. You're a poor loser. It's hard to do business with rich people.

Why do you say that?

They train teachers, or superior agents will tell them, rich people's money is easy to earn, why is it easy to earn? Others have a lot of money
Listen, this logic is not wrong

But is the money of rich people so easy to cheat?

The consumer group is a circle, and so is social networking.

The woman in their group can sell well because they are rich people. She is surrounded by rich people. She and they are in the same rank and in the same circle, and have a common social foundation. It's not the same as the turtle's identity. Trust is enough, you can sell dog shit.

But my friend, like me, was born in an ordinary family. His parents didn't have a high education. He didn't have much resources around him. He had to rely on himself to get out of reading. Our primary consideration was how to survive, not how to earn money from rich people.

We have to admit it, Sociology It's really hierarchical.

Let's not say it's too extreme. Take the car club for example. People who drive Ferrari and those who drive BYD can't play together. I drive BYD, and all the drivers I can talk to are driving cars at this price.

  Different circles, different views on consumption, different values, different things to play, too much difference.

Different circles, there is no need for strong integration.

There are doctors, lawyers and senior securities in our community If you communicate with them, you will find that most of their parents are well-educated and have stable social resources. They have been influenced by them since childhood, with good character and wide knowledge. They are outstanding for no reason.

To make money for a group, first of all, your rank should be half a body higher than this group.

Only when you are half a body higher, your knowledge, your mind and your wisdom can convince this group. Because you have experienced their experience and you understand their needs, you can better gain their trust and convince them.

In fact, it's useless for me to join the social circle by force. He may feel that he works hard, but he may be a joke to others. So it's really important to choose the right track and do what suits you.

Many people may jump out at this time and say, do we just accept our fate? Don't we have to work hard?

Of course not!

The impulse of muduzi to change his fate is far greater than the wish of Fu X generation to keep his family business.

Many people have been working hard all their lives to counter attack and break through the stratum.

In the past ten years, many people have made great changes in their own lives.

We do not have to deliberately become a certain person, deliberately into a certain circle, we have to choose the right track, constantly do accumulation.

With enough accumulation, enough knowledge, mind and experience, people gradually rise to another rank. Life in different ranks, there will be different harvest.

After eating for more than an hour and chatting a lot, after seeing off my friend, I thought:

I can't change him, so bless him!



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