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You're addicted to connections, and they cut your leeks

Dazzle Yi 2019-07-02 Life experience nine hundred and eighteen

  A lot of young people are asking recently.

 You're addicted to your connections, and your feelings about leek life

How can I build up contacts?

I feel that my friends around me have a lot of strong contacts. They are very familiar with XXX Daniel, so powerful.

What can I do to be as good as them? Can I take part in those XXX training classes, exhibitions, salons, and lectures, and ask for more business cards of big men?

These pure messages make me laugh and cry.

 You're addicted to your connections, and you're cut off by your connections

In fact, I want to laugh, but I think it's not good to laugh at other people's serious questions, so I can't help laughing and tears coming down.

It's been 9012 years. How can anyone believe in the ghost story of the success of networking.

Oh, by the way, 9012 years have passed, and the new leeks are ready for yesterday's sickle.

There is nothing new under the sun, and today we must harvest with vigor.

Although I think this thing is very sand sculpture, but since everyone sincerely asked questions, I naturally want to mercifully answer.

Who makes me a lovely and charming villain.

 You're addicted to your connections, and you're cut off by your connections

Contacts, circles, classes.

These three nouns are the three most harmful words to young people nowadays. They are very popular in all kinds of successful learning sand carving chicken soup. The favorite sentence is: your network / circle represents your class.

Really, it's stupid.

In fact, the three words all mean the same thing. To put it bluntly, people you know stand for you.

Although this kind of thing seems very silly to us, it still has a great market because it is easy to read, easy to understand and takes advantage of the young people's desire for quick success.

Various kinds of courses to teach you to build your own network emerge in an endless stream, all kinds of half true and half false stories are bombarded, and all kinds of life instructors with dubious resumes come out to teach you success.

The ultimate goal is to get you to pay.

 You're addicted to your connections, and your feelings about leek life

If you look at all kinds of famous people at all times and in all over the world, which one of them started by managing personal connections?

Which founder is not based on his own excellent skills?

Students rely on teachers to appreciate, young people are seen by the big guy, that is their own flash point.

Even if it's on the face, it's also a specialty. I'm the most handsome person to understand.

Even if they are from the bottom of the family, they are brought by their father-in-law and their own abilities. They are not made by the exchange of business cards.

Do you think that if you know someone else, they will help you?

Don't be funny. People don't want to know you.

 You're addicted to your connections, and you're cut off by your connections

There are many people who don't have any business every day, but it's very hot to rub against other people's circle of friends. When I come out to have a meal, all the people I know are who I know, and then blow a bunch of trivial matters about the life of big men to prove that they are intimate with others.

Finally, if something really happened, I still had to borrow money from my parents and classmates to save my life. Those big guys would not even pay attention to him.

Oh, the only time to deal with him is when there are too many wechat friends and we need to clear the circle of friends.

Think about it, will you go to deal with a ten years not seen a debt in primary school students?

You can't run as far as you can.

People think so.

 You're addicted to your connections, and you're cut off by your connections

What are the connections?

The truth of networking is whether the value you can provide can be exchanged with other people, thus driving others to exchange with you.

To be more direct, it is the value of being used.

The core of network is interest exchange, and the stability of network lies in the stability of common interest points.

Greeting, handing cigarettes, toasts and exchanging business cards are not called contacts. Meeting together, speaking together or even going whoring are not called contacts.

When you think that you and a person have all kinds of exchanges of eating and delivering cigarettes, but there is no exchange of interests, you must be aware that the other party is not your personal contact, and the other party may be laughing at you as sb.

 You're addicted to your connections, and you're cut off by your connections

The essence of contacts is the exchange of interests.

When it comes to interest exchange, it involves what benefits you can provide for others. Otherwise, how can the other party treat you and exchange interests with you?

I have seen some very realistic cases with my own eyes in some enterprises. When they are on the job, people come and go to pick up cars and send them off. There are so many people who come to help by phone that they have to wait in line to draw numbers.

On New Year's day, my family is the same as catching up with a big fair.

But once you retire or change your job, you'll have a good time.

Not only the people on the phone were all busy, but the family didn't even have a popularity during the Spring Festival, which was totally different from that when he was in office.

Even sudden illness to go to the hospital can not find people to help.

You suspect it was ghosts who went to their house to give gifts.

 You're addicted to your connections, and you're cut off by your connections

Who can match those who once held important positions?

Even when they can't provide value to others, they can't avoid loneliness.

Why do you young people become immortals and Buddhas by virtue of your contacts?

What's more, most of the young people who are engaged in the study of personal connections really have nothing but their youth. They have no value to be used. They don't have a few hard goods in their pockets. How can they go Sociology Trading in the market?

By saying two good words and holding a thigh, someone else can give you cake?

Who gives it to you? There are so many people who are willing to say good words. Some bones are lost casually. There are people who come up to lick them. Why are you? Just because you said two good words?

Who can't say good words?

You said don't deceive the youth to be poor. I'm sorry, every young man says so, but the last one who can climb up is always a few of the few.

The boss only needs to favor a few people, which is the same as HR's selection of resumes with academic qualifications. It saves time and good steel is used on the edge.

And those few people, in the process of climbing, already know the essence of the thing, smile more and more weasel new year.

 You're addicted to your connections, and you're cut off by your connections

It is not a complicated truth that the core value of contacts lies in the value of being used.

You can provide value to others and others are willing to exchange value with you. This is called networking.

Does it sound like business?

Yes, networking is essentially business.

If you understand that networking is like doing business, then you can understand that if you don't have enough value, no one will do business with you at a loss.

You can't provide value for others. It's not good for others to take care of you, and it's not bad to ignore you. Why do you want to pay attention to you?

People are so busy these days.

 You're addicted to your connections, and you're cut off by your connections

So the problem is, now people are so smart, even if they are stupid for a while, they can quickly realize the limitations of contacts. Why are so many people keen on studying connections?

Because it's so hard to improve your value.

All of us have the same education, have the same degree, are ordinary families, appearance and talent are also ordinary, and even the cognition of the problem is not bad.

No matter how Buddhism is on the surface, everyone still wants to live a better life than others.

If personal value seems out of reach, why not work on something simpler?

In their view, delving into people is a shortcut.

 You're addicted to your connections, and you're cut off by your connections

When it comes to the promotion of personal value, four out of ten procrastinators just talk and don't practice in the late stage, three give up halfway, one can't do it, one is cheated into MLM, and the remaining half are reaped by sand sculptures for IQ tax, and the small half are on a road. I don't know how many sewers are without well covers in front of them.

It sounds like the road ahead is uncertain and difficult.

It seems to be more advanced and relaxed to manage contacts. More meetings, more teachers to share, more business cards with people. It seems that a lot of resources can be called in minutes.

In the view of many people, the so-called management of contacts is, to put it bluntly, three elements.

Do not want to face, adhere to do not want to face, continue to insist on shameless.

It's hard to be shameless, right? When we cheated the teacher that our homework was robbed by gangsters, we were shameless.

But it's a pity that connections and shameless are not necessarily related. It's the dog who doesn't want to face.

 You're addicted to your connections, and you're cut off by your connections

In my opinion, if a young person is only interested in networking and has a moderate understanding, it is totally OK. After all, more knowledge, even if it is a pit, is also a kind of learning and growth.

If a young man is addicted to connections, is keen on salons of low quality (yes, many of the meetings attended by young people are not of high quality), and organize all kinds of messy dinners, it is basically useless.

Because he wasted his time in the age when he needed to accumulate capital silently.

These people can easily become those people who flatter and lick their leaders in the workplace. They spend all their time for the leaders' words, one holiday blessing and one toast.

Then he was trampled on by more valuable young people, and finally became a complaining woman, complaining that the leader could not see his shining point.

Leaders are not stupid. They know who can create value for themselves, otherwise they will not be leaders.

Once in a while, some people who only flatter others are on the top. That's when the leader needs sb back pot man.

 You're addicted to your connections, and you're cut off by your connections

With so much bad talk about the relationship theory, I think I have to point out the way to all my friends, otherwise there is no difference between them and those chicken soup.

As a young man, all you have to do is to improve your own value.

If you are a student who has not yet gone to university, what you have to do is to do everything possible to improve your academic performance, which directly determines what level of students you have read in the 4-year college meeting.

A good university can bring you students with either strong learning ability or academic achievements. In any case, being a classmate with them is the lowest cost way to obtain value.

This is one of the few, effective, and valuable relationships.

 You're addicted to your connections, and you're cut off by your connections

If you have just finished the college entrance examination and are faced with voluntary application, you don't know how to choose a school.

Then choose the city first, which directly determines your foothold after graduation and the scope of the circle of classmates around you.

Second, choose a school, which determines your starting point.

Finally, choose majors that rely on technology and are popular for employment, such as computer and data, statistics, and general-purpose majors, such as digital media, finance, economics, e-commerce and marketing; Then there are technical majors with narrow employment scope, such as biology, chemical engineering, environmental engineering, etc; The most sand sculpture is philosophy and art, which is useless and hard to find a job.

Of course, if you recharge when you reincarnate, you don't consider employment at all. You can learn whatever you like. Happiness is the most important thing.

 You're addicted to your connections, and you're cut off by your connections

If you are a college student, what you have to do is to give yourself a better starting point for employment.

If it's a popular major, you'd better study the professional knowledge, play more games and win more prizes, and then go to the relevant internship.

If it is a non popular major, study hard, then switch to a popular major or double major, and then go to the relevant internship.

If you don't consider short-term internship, you will study hard for postgraduate entrance examination, and make a choice of major and school again by using graduate students. This time, you must choose the popular major of good schools in big cities.

Have you found out? For college students, the only advice is to study or practice, rather than engage in various small businesses and participate in various student unions.

Those are all false, only the grade point, postgraduate entrance examination results, internship experience, paper quality, is the hard truth.

 You're addicted to your connections, and you're cut off by your connections

If you are a young person who has just stepped into the society, what you have to do is to find an industry worthy of further cultivation and the largest leading company in this industry. If you can't enter, you will find the second place, and if you can't, you will find the third.

In the company to find a potential position, and then seriously study for 3 to 5 years, thoroughly understand the post.

In five years, you will be the target of headhunters, or you have enough knowledge of the market to start thinking about job hopping.

You don't need to flatter the leader. You just need to get into the industry and the value of the position. If you become an expert in this industry, there will be more people willing to hire you.

Most of the time, the boss is afraid to offend his own business experts, and the experts are not able to get along with the money.

No sober boss will offend an expert who can create value.

 You're addicted to your connections, and you're cut off by your connections

At the end of the day, you may find out.

What kind of network empowerment is ghost talk. When you don't have the ability, it doesn't work. You can exchange with each other to get what you need.

To put it bluntly, you should have your own value.

Well, you can see it, but not quite.

If you can see it clearly, you will find it.

Even if it is a personal effort, it does not necessarily have value, more also depends on the specific direction of efforts.

Wrong direction, the more efforts, the farther away from the goal.

Now you may feel confused. What should I do?

Congratulations, you have seen through the nature of the world's magic chaos, how to do it, you need to spend your life to explore.

Oh, yes.

In the process of exploration, remember to hold your purse tightly. All life instructors have raised their sickles.

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