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Real hardship is not poverty!

Dazzle Yi 2019-06-09 Life experience one thousand two hundred and ninety-five

  Most people's understanding of hardship is limited to working hard. Last time a little friend came to talk with me. His life was in a mess. He asked me what work he could do if he could bear hardships? He said that he recalled that he could bear hardships and how poor he was when he was a child.

  Most people's understanding of the meaning of suffering is too superficial. Poverty is not suffering at all. Poverty is poor, not suffering. The farmers who work in the fields can bear hardships more than you, and the general workers of the factory assembly line are poorer than you. They can't succeed either.

  Suffering is not the ability to suffer poverty. The essence of suffering is the ability to focus on one thing for a long time. In the process of focusing on something for a long time, the entertainment life given up, the ineffective social intercourse abandoned, the meaningless consumption life abandoned, and the incomprehension and loneliness endured in the process are essentially self-control and self-control, And persistence and depth of thinking.
  Suffering is not hunger, modern Sociology Food is extremely rich. Except for poor countries, there are basically no people who starve to death. Even if you go to prison, you won't starve to death. But it's not hard to go to prison. Why? Because your goal can't be to go to jail.

  To a large extent, the rich who succeed on their own often suffer more than the poor, otherwise they will not be able to start from scratch. You will find that when he is rich, he is still more diligent than you, more tolerant of loneliness, or more ideal than you. This is suffering.

  Finally, it's important not to be brainwashed by Weibo and wechat marketing numbers, no matter whether you can bear hardships or not.

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What is to bear hardships is to endure pressure



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