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A larger circle of friends, but fewer friends.

Dazzle Yi Four years ago (2016-12-15) Record the past nine hundred and nineteen

I didn't know you could take your,

I didn't know you could get it from you,

How many people are found in the wechat friends list,

Open your mouth and tell him that you are not afraid to shut your door,

You have the confidence to let him see your embarrassment and weakness,

Our circle of friends is big,

How many real friends do you have,

Some people don't know where to say goodbye,

I can't see you again.

 The circle of friends is bigger, but the number of friends is less. Record the past

"Some friends you haven't seen for many years. You think you just lost a friend. In fact, you have lost a lot of yourself. They bring a lot of memories of you and the trajectory of your life. Listen to them talk about the past, and you will know more clearly why you are who you are today.


How many contacts are there in your mobile phone address book? How many frequent contacts are there? How many numbers can you recite. It is not surprising how many friends there are in the wechat circle of friends, hundreds or thousands. Whose chat record is always at the top and which people have always been star Mark friends. The older you get, the more people you meet. Leave a phone call once you meet, contact several times and add a wechat. Have you noticed that our circle of friends is getting bigger and bigger, but there are fewer real friends.


I'm not good at socializing, and it's called low-quality socializing rather than high-quality solitude. Actually, I'm not very good at talking to people“ "Hello" started to know, always feel that making friends is a technical work, so my number of friends is not much. If you want to come back for a few years.


We began to think about the older we get, the bigger the circle, the more people we know, and who can be called“ Friends ". Friends are people who share weal and woe with you. They are the people who have seen you most embarrassed, the most simple and the most secular. They know that even if you walk in the world of money and interests, they will not forget your sincerity.

Only when you have experienced the washing of time, walking along the path with you in the deep frost and dew at night, comforting the crying you and the complacent you, can you be regarded as a true friend. The friend on the table, the confidant in the mobile phone, is more like a piece of paper, too light and thin to take.


The older a person is, the more difficult it is to make friends with heart and lung, and the more difficult it is to have patience to understand a person from the beginning. Therefore, the easier it is to make do with it, the more difficult it is to meet a good friend. Without the sincerity and simplicity of youth, it is difficult to deliver sincerity easily. As a result, the purity of friendship continues to decline, and the expectations of friends are getting lower and lower. It's very common to have a word with no one. However, these are not what we want.


I'm a very boring person. I don't seem to be interested in the current entertainment activities. I can't play mahjong and I don't like the noise of the bar. I often stay up late to eat. I'm very picky. I look like I am“ The word "young" doesn't fit in. But I know that true friends are not necessarily those who eat and drink together every day, but those who witness each other's growth and change.

I never worry about them going. I'm always proud that I have these friends.

Yuan Ziwen said:“ The purest, gentlest, and least diluted emotion is always a cup of warm water when you have a stomachache. The first sip of it will make you feel much more comfortable. "


Life is full of opportunities. The older you get, the more choices you have. There are so many crossroads in life, I have met many colorful people, and some people can't tell where to say goodbye, they really can't see each other. And I think the longer you stay with me, the harder it is.

To be able to distinguish between right and wrong in the bizarre life, to taste all kinds of wine and still care about boiled water is a shining virtue.

I don't know if it's you, you can find a few people from your wechat friend list, open your mouth and tell him your difficulties. You're not afraid to shut the door, or he knows your mess. You have the confidence to let him see your weakness. I don't know how many such "true friends" are in our big circle of friends.

It takes time and energy to make friends, and each of us has limited energy. If you are busy dealing with some friends, you will naturally have less time for those who really treat you.

I hope you can tell which people are called friends. I hope you know how to protect yourself. I hope you can say miss to the friend who has not seen for a long time. I hope that even if the friend is not around, you can learn to face it alone and be strong in silence. Circle of friends, not too big. It's true, just fine.



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