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Python will be included in China's college entrance examination, the real "super flow" language!

Dazzle Yi Three years ago (2017-12-13) Industry news one thousand and fifty-two

Rapid development of technology, let all Software Developers, engineers and other technologists have to be nervous all the time and study hard to ensure that they are always at the forefront of technology. Which jobs are more popular?

For employers, there is a great demand for highly professional high-tech talents. By analyzing the data of indeed job seeker and resume search, we found out which emerging technology skills job seekers and employers are pursuing, and show which skills are likely to become popular in the future?

In order to identify the technical terms that are the fastest growing in job search activity, we examined the flow of technical jobs over two years. Then, we combed the resume search traffic over the same period to see how popular these skills are among employers. The winners among job seekers are react and cloud computing, which also rank first in terms of employer resume search.

 Python will be included in China's college entrance examination, the real "super flow" language! . JPG Python will be included in China's college entrance examination, the real "super flow" language! Industry news

React is a JavaScript library for creating user interfaces in applications, mainly maintained by Facebook. The technology is exploding. By 2017, react ranked second on GitHub.

In fact, react is by far the fastest growing technical skills search term for job seekers. At the same time, employee usage has more than tripled. This shows the popularity of react in consumer facing technology companies and the proficiency of front-end developers. In short, react has become a necessary condition for many technical work.

At the same time, cloud computing is also developing rapidly. On our list, two cloud computing businesses, AWS and azure, ranked top three in terms of job search and double-digit growth in employers. With the continuous promotion of various enterprises, cloud computing is growing at a high speed. Experienced cloud developers have become the employees of many employers.

For job seekers, most of the content they search for is related to software, technology platforms and programming languages. Interestingly, Mandarin ranks fifth on the list of job seekers' search terms. As China's main spoken and written language, the rise of Putonghua fully illustrates the impact of China, the world's second largest economy, on the US technology industry. Using Mandarin as the search term, the most popular tech jobs to click on are product developers, language analysts and customer support experts. However, it is a pity that the growth of Putonghua as a search term has not been reflected in the employment.

Finally, python became one of the fastest growing programming languages, ranking 14th as a search term. However, azure ranked third, spark ninth and Django 12th all integrate Python to some extent. Python as a skill is far more important than itself. At the same time, it should be noted that Python's number of employer searches has decreased significantly.

The growing technology industry will continue to spawn new software and tools, which means that technologists can never stop developing their own skills. This list of search terms provides a basis for today's basic skills of science and technology workers and employers.

Python will be included in the college entrance examination

Today, a number of media reported that Zhejiang Province has introduced the information technology curriculum reform plan, and python has decided to enter the information technology college entrance examination in Zhejiang Province. From 2018, the programming language of information technology textbooks in Zhejiang Province will be changed from VB to python.

That is to say: Python will be included in the college entrance examination;

Python will be included in the college entrance examination;

Python will be included in the college entrance examination;

In fact, not only Zhejiang, but also Beijing and Shandong, the major educational provinces, have decided to incorporate python programming foundation into the content system of information technology courses and college entrance examination, and python language curriculum will become a trend for children to learn.

Python content has also been added to the newly published sixth grade information technology textbook of primary school in Shandong Province, and primary school students have begun to contact Python language!!

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Three years ago (2017-12-21)

Primary school students also began to learn programming, to cultivate programmers from the doll?

Dazzle Yi reply:
Py is easy to learn, pupils should be able to understand it, after all, the Internet era. How embarrassing it is to cultivate a group of stupid people who can only take exams.
Three years ago (2017-12-22)



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