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Mobile app developers forced to commit suicide by their ex-wife

Dazzle Yi Three years ago (2017-09-09) Industry trends seven hundred and sixty

According to media reports, Su Shenmao, the developer of the Internet long-distance telephone and international telephone application wephone, committed suicide after being forced by his ex-wife, demanding 10 million yuan and property compensation. In the last century, he got married by his wife.

There is an article on Google +, which is said to be Su's suicide letter, which exposed his ex-wife's photo, phone number, address, microblog number and other information. The details are as follows:

I'm the developer of wephone. I'm leaving today. The app won't work in the future. Sorry. I never thought I would end like this. I was forced to death by my extremely vicious ex-wife Zhai Xinxin.

I met her in Jiayuan of the century. Before we got married, I had spent millions of money on her. The day before getting the certificate, she told me that she had a short marriage history a few years ago (which ended with a profit of 200000 yuan from the husband). I could bear it. During the marriage for more than a month, there was no infidelity or violence. But I lost the feeling that I like her. The key is that she loves to lie and has a good mind to let me know Now I don't think she's as bad as she used to be. Divorce was filed together. When she was going to divorce, she often brought people to my house to harass me or telephone me. She even threatened me with two points

1. If I have tax evasion, report me

2. Wephone has the function of Internet phone, which is gray operation. All kinds of hints can make use of the relationship between her relative uncle Liu Kejian (she said to be a big official of the Public Security Bureau) to get my product off the shelf, fined and ruined

She even asked for 10 million yuan for the house in Sanya. He also hired a rogue lawyer with very low quality to intimidate me.

I admit that I was too cowardly at that time. After hiding in the hotel for several days, I was exhausted physically and mentally. Finally, I signed that terrible divorce agreement without any idea. Now I am extremely ashamed and indignant. This divorce agreement forced me to death. Every word in this agreement is carefully designed. The key is that she is obviously prepared to continue to report me after I pay the full amount, so I added A sentence of "the man's debt has nothing to do with the woman's"

I feel desperate.

My capital chain has been broken. I'm really desperate.

I didn't ask my family for help in time. Now I'm sorry. They are so good that they can come from my hometown to support me at any time, but I am fighting alone in Beijing and making a series of silly decisions.

At the end of the article, personal information such as the name and address of the woman was exposed. The photo album contains chat records of both sides, divorce agreement and photos of the wife and her family members. Several of the title certificates of her family seem to point to her family's deep background.

 Mobile app developers forced to commit suicide by their ex-wife.jpg mobile app developers forced to commit suicide by their ex wives

According to search records, on September 7, someone posted in Baidu Post Bar "slag man" bar, claiming that Su Xiangmao cheated on a blind date in Jiayuan of the century, and exposed his ID card number and mobile phone number. The posting time was the day before Su Xiangmao committed suicide. At present, the rumor making post has been deleted by Baidu Post Bar.

It's too easy for me to be bullied and cheated by the ex-wife. It's too easy for me to be bullied and cheated by the former wife.

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