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[windows] the most effective software to reduce computer memory utilization

Dazzle Yi 2017-08-17 Industry trends one thousand five hundred and eighty-one

  I believe many people are using optimization Software And these optimization software usually has an acceleration sphere, which can optimize the computer memory   When Windows 7 is running, the speedup ball is more effective, and the boot memory takes up about 20%   However, after upgrading to windows 10, we found that the memory utilization rate was about 33% after startup   Running a software soared to 50-60, and after 50-60, the computer will feel obviously stuck, so we have been looking for a software that can effectively reduce the computer memory utilization rate.

  I tried almost all the softwares on the market that can reduce the computer memory. I had a chat with a friend a few days ago and accidentally talked about the memory usage. After that, he recommended this software to effectively reduce the computer memory utilization rate   After a few days of testing found that the effect is really good, so recommended to everyone


Mem Reduct

Version: 3.2.1

Author: Henry++

Premiere: October 27, 2011

Last updated: May 9, 2017

License: GPL V3

Language: C / C++

Supported operations system :Windows XP(SP 3),Vista,7,8,8.1,10

Platform architecture: 32-bit / 64 bit

Official website of the software:

Description: a lightweight real-time memory management application for monitoring and cleaning system memory on your computer.

The program uses undocumented internal system function (native API) to clear the system cache (system working set, working set, alternate page list, modified page list), and the variable result is about 10-50%. The application is compatible with Windows XP SP3 and later operating systems, but some general features are only available for Windows Vista.

ps: You can choose to install to a disk. It is not recommended to install to C

Comment list

 Craftsman's box

This software works very well!

 Craftsman's box

Make a suggestion. It vibrates when typing. It's OK for computers, but it's not good for mobile phones.

Dazzle Yi reply:
In fact, the mobile version is ugly



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