General theme of zblog studio zbniversal

Simple design, suitable for zblog theme of studio websites in all industries

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General theme of zblog studio zbniversal
 General theme of zblog studio zbniversal


This is a zblog theme in the style of enterprise website, with three color schemes of red, green and purple built in. It is designed with different types of content modules such as slides, business introduction, company profile, case display, product center, news information, partners and contact information, which can meet the display requirements of company website information in various industries, The whole station adopts a responsive adaptive structural layout, which can solve the problem of accessing and browsing PC end and mobile end devices in a one-stop manner, save the cost of website construction and maintenance. It is highly comprehensive, positioned at the general zblog enterprise theme, and suitable for building display company websites including design studios and network service companies.

 General theme of zblog industry studio zbniversal

Head bottom

  • Website logo - supports background upload or external chain pictures, with fixed size.

  • Navigation menu - can be managed in the background. It can support up to two levels of drop-down menus and can be switched to single page mode.

  • Simple and Traditional Chinese Switch - One button switch between simplified and traditional Chinese without additional settings.

  • Social icons - support multiple social platforms such as WeChat and Weibo, and do not display without setting.

Home module

  • Rotary pictures - support background management of adding, deleting and modifying pictures and links.

  • Carousel News - The background independently selects the news category directory to be called.

  • Business Scope - supports background management and can be added, modified or deleted freely.

  • About Us - The introduction text and introduction page can be customized, and the picture will automatically call the first picture of the introduction page.

  • Product Center - supports background free selection of classifications to be called, multiple classification directories, customized product display quantity, and tab switching display.

  • News - Support the background to freely select the categories to be called, support the selection of multiple categories, support the customized number of news displays, and tab switching display.

  • Partner - supports background uploading management logo icons, adding, deleting and modifying.

  • Case display - the background selects the news category directory to be called independently, and displays it automatically in round robin.

  • Contact us - call Baidu Maps through the API (commercial use requires authorization), provide background settings, and manage information description text, contact information, etc.

List Template

Two types of layout list page templates are provided, which correspond to news information and product center respectively. The display forms are title list and picture list. The two templates can be set freely.

Background configuration

The background management settings panel is provided, including basic settings, home page settings, slide settings, partner settings, contact information, bottom menu, SEO settings, and business scope settings. Most of the theme configurations can be completed here.

SEO function

The standard front-end code language is adopted to meet the optimization requirements of search engines.

The title, keyword and description of the home page, category page, tab page, article page and single page can be customized.

More details can be found in the demo station experience.