Zblog Enterprise Product Exhibition Theme zbdisplay

Enterprise theme of zblog, a general product display website for all industries

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Zblog Enterprise Product Exhibition Theme zbdisplay
 Zblog Enterprise Product Exhibition Theme zbdisplay


A white and simple zblog template developed and produced for the product display company website. According to the company's product display needs, it has six content modules, namely, large broadcast map, business menu, product center, company profile, news information and video center. The module layout is reasonable, the structure is clear, the overall content display is rich, and the visual effect is comfortable and beautiful, It is applicable to company websites in all industries that focus on product display.


The overall design adopts a responsive layout structure, adopts standard and standardized front-end code development, supports access to a variety of common intelligent terminal devices, can adapt to PC, tablet and mobile browser, and is compatible with mainstream browsers such as IE10+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera. It has excellent browsing experience under different resolutions, and is SEO friendly, meeting current search engine optimization requirements.

Built in display templates of different product lists and news lists, and the single column widescreen structure makes the page look more intuitive; It also provides content templates of two different styles, product and news, to highlight the product content of product display details and information content based on text or video. The overall page is comfortable and atmospheric.

Provide background theme configuration panel, and support the setting of contact information modules such as Weibo, QQ, WeChat, email, and QR code of public account; Support to customize the title, keyword and description of home page, category page, tab page, article page and single page; Support setting column calling and content of each module on the home page; The foundation meets the setting options required by the theme, which is very convenient.

Theme features:

  • Wide screen interface design, simple and generous, intuitive and comfortable;

  • Built in different list and content modules to meet different display needs;

  • The code specification focuses on SEO and supports user-defined titles, keywords and descriptions;

  • The background configuration panel is provided, which is simple to operate and convenient to set.