Zblog classic blog style theme the corporation

The classic zblog blog theme is simple and lightweight, suitable for batch site building users

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Zblog classic blog style theme the corporation
 Zblog classic blog style theme the corporation


The corporation theme is a simple, lightweight and classic zblog theme with responsive design and adaptive structural layout. It is compatible with mainstream browsers, supports PC and mobile browser access, and has a high browsing experience.

 Classic Sky Blue blog style free zblog theme the corporation

The head and bottom are very simple

The left side of the head is the site name and site subtitle. No logo is designed, which saves the step of uploading and replacing logo images.

The navigation menu is on the right side of the head. The background module is called to manage the navigation bar. The secondary drop-down menu is not supported. The best display effect is 6 menus.

Copyright information is on the left side of the bottom, and Powered information is on the right side. Please do not delete it, and show some respect to the author.

The main body is a left and right column structure, a classic blog layout

On the left side of the main body is the latest article list, which adopts the image text layout mode. The thumbnail automatically calls the first picture of the content. If there is no picture of the article content, the thumbnail will not be displayed; Summarize the character at the beginning of the self calling content.

On the right side of the main body is the sidebar, which calls the default sidebar of background module management, supports the built-in system module of Z-Blog, and adjusts and beautifies the label list style, search box and other module contents.

The article content page contains commonly used elements, such as title, author, column, keywords, comments, number of views, and comment module, which basically meet the needs of use.

The main feature of The corporation theme is to install and use

There is no need to make miscellaneous settings. The purpose is to build a website quickly. Generally speaking, the simpler and lighter zblog theme is more convenient in the SEO optimization process of search engines. Therefore, this theme is especially suitable for new zblog users, batch zblog website building or site group optimization users.