Zblog geek blog topic mzalog

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Zblog geek blog topic mzalog
 Zblog geek blog topic mzalog

Topic introduction

A simple zblog template is designed. The theme adopts a responsive adaptive two column layout structure with the maximum width of 1440 pixels. The design has modules such as small editor recommendation, popular articles and hot comments. The interface is simple, but the content is displayed abundantly. The overall positioning is blog and geek blog website theme. In addition, the theme is easy to use, And do not need complex settings, for the station group will be a good choice!

 White simple zblog blog blog geek blog theme mzalog

Description of theme features


Simple, white and elegant interface design, reasonable layout and layout, clear and clear content display, clean and comfortable visual experience, let you get rid of distractions and focus on beauty.

Template code

Standard Specification of HTML + CSS + jQuery front-end code, after careful optimization, concise and not bloated, in line with the requirements of Search Engine SEO optimization, let you not worry about optimization code.

Display module

The sidebar supports zblog's own module, and integrates hot comment articles, popular articles and other modules. The home page is configured with a small editor's recommendation top module, and the bottom is cut with wechat, microblog, QQ social networking website buttons, so that your website is simple but the content is not simple.

SEO function

A qualified topic must support the three basic elements of SEO of custom page. Our theme is no exception. You can set the title, keyword and description of home page, category page, tab, article page and single page.

Configuration function

It provides a background configuration panel, which is easy to use and operate. It can quickly configure the content required by the theme, such as uploading logo, setting recommended articles, adding advertising code, etc. it can easily complete the theme setting without spending time studying the code.

Browser compatibility

It adopts a responsive adaptive structure and supports ie10 +, Firefox, chrome, Safari and other mainstream computer and mobile browsers. It has a good experience of visiting and browsing both on PC and mobile phone.