Simple zblog blog blog topic indicator

Simple and practical, suitable for the Z-Blog theme of blog and SEO optimization blog

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Simple zblog blog blog topic indicator
 Simple zblog blog blog topic indicator


Are you tired of various complicated settings of the theme? Do you want to simply write logs? Do you want to enable the theme for normal use? Then this zblog theme template may be very appetizing to you.

Indicator theme is a very simple and practical blog type zblog template theme, which is as simple as the default theme of ordinary zblog. It can be used normally only after installation and enabling. It does not need to complete various configurations after enabling like most other zblog templates to call content normally. This zblog theme is all about letting you focus on content and better optimize your blog Running a blog does not provide background theme settings. You only need to complete the settings of the zblog program itself to use it normally.

 Simple zblog blog topic

The overall design style of the indicator theme is simple. It uses the black and white gray tone that will never go out of style, the delicate responsive two column structure, and the classic sidebar+content blog layout. The theme does not have an image logo. It calls the website title and subtitle directly, and the text is more conducive to SEO than the image; Next to the website title is the whole station navigation menu, which calls the menu set in the navigation bar in the background module management, and supports the highest two level drop-down menu; On the left side of the main body, all the modules provided by the zblog system are supported. By default, search, tag list, latest publication and friendship link modules are displayed, and friendship links are only displayed on the home page; The list is for image and text layout, which automatically calls the first picture of the content and automatically extracts the content summary, and displays article elements such as release date, classification and label; The content page is a regular article page, displaying common elements such as article title, content, tags, categories, comments, etc. The content of the page is also quite rich.

Simple design and simple use are the characteristics of this zblog template, and also the characteristics of the zblog template suitable for SEO optimization. The simpler the website is, the easier it will be to optimize it. Because you focus on optimizing the operation rather than the theme, the Indicator theme is not only a zblog theme template suitable for blog, It is also a zblog theme template suitable for SEO optimization. What's more, it is a free zblog theme template!