Zblog MIP enterprise theme aymfour

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Zblog MIP enterprise theme aymfour
 Zblog MIP enterprise theme aymfour

Topic introduction

Baidu MIP exquisite zblog enterprise template, white gray main color, one column wide screen design, two kinds of classified list layout of products and news; The home page is designed with a large rotation chart, the latest products / recommended products / contact information tab switching display module, case display template and news information template. The layout is classic and visual.

 aymfour-pic. png

Theme features:

  • Use Baidu MIP V2 version mobile Web accelerator;

  • Adaptive computer and mobile terminal equipment;

  • Compatible with popular browsers, such as Firefox, chrome 10, etc;

  • Based on zblog PHP development and production;

  • Support the user-defined classification title, keywords and description;

  • Support custom tags title, keywords and description;

  • Support user-defined page title, keywords and description;

  • It supports user-defined article title, keywords and description;

  • ……

be careful:

  1. MIP theme does not support comment, the latest comment, message function;

  2. MIP topic does not support search module in module management;

  3. ……

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