Blockchain Tutorial

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  • Bitcoin Development Guide - Mining
    Independent mining As mentioned above, independent miners usually use bitcoin for mining. The mining software they use periodically calls bitcoin and uses getblocktemplate to obtain new transactions. It provides
  • Comparison of three major Bitcoin futures trading platforms
    796 Exchange 796 Exchange was founded in June 2013. 796 Exchange is the first registered company in the Chinese region and the first public cold wallet in the Chinese region. Positioning: provide leverage and two-way trading between long and short for cryptocurrency investors
  • What is an HD wallet?
    In the past few days, headlines such as "Bitcoin plummeted by 30% in a single day", "Bitcoin evaporated by 1 trillion", "Bitcoin bubble burst" and so on have repeatedly appeared on the home pages of major media, and the family and friends of the intelligence agents came to ask with concern, "Did you lose a lot?"
  • Simple and understandable cryptography
    What is cryptography? The research on the underlying algorithm of cryptography belongs to the field of mathematics, not the focus of our discussion. At the same time, cryptography also implies that people communicate on the Internet
  • What is a hash algorithm?
    The basic meaning of hash algorithm Hash is the basis of cryptography. Understanding hash is a necessary prerequisite for understanding digital signature and encryption communication technologies.     &...