Recent developments

Sqlmap notes

A kind of 2019-8-8

First of all, push the sqlmap download address first. There are many resources on the Internet. (I even met PY3 who did not support, yes, this should be...

Apache cannot start in phpstudy

A kind of 2019-7-12

When phpstudy is used, Apache can not be activated. After clicking on the boot, it automatically closes again. There are many data on the Internet. Some say that the port is occupied, some say that the program is clash, and there is also VH.

Layui notes

A kind of 2019-7-2

Recently, I used layui to meet some pits, so that I could remember to repeat the pits form again: form validation form validation rules are regular expressions commonly used regular Chinese characters: [\u4e00-\...