Title: old D teaches you how to close wechat friend circle advertising Create: November 7, 2019

UpDate:2019-11-07 07:28
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Old D teaches you how to close wechat friend circle advertisement

Wechat has become a part of our daily communication. There are many advertisements when we brush the circle of friends. Do you want to close it? So let's show you how to close it today Wechat advertising !!

1、 Open wechat and find about wechat in settings

2、 Click【 About wechat 】Where is the version number

3、 Click《 Wechat privacy protection guidelines

4、 Drag down to find how we use information and click

5、 Click [about advertising] as shown in the figure above

6、 Click【 Administration 】(if managing the ads you see)

7、 Landing


Note: It's best to land there QQ login , because if you log in with wechat, it prompts you to scan the wechat code to log in. However, old D tried twice and could not log in smoothly. (because if you scan the code with wechat, the page will exit... This should be a small bug)

It just happened that when I applied for wechat, I used QQ to log in to wechat with QQ account, so clicking QQ login can directly call out QQ app, and then you can log in smoothly.

8、 Under the personalized service settings, there are four advertising options that can be turned off

Note: Please note that the closing of the above services means that our advertising system will no longer use such information to display advertisements for you, but it does not mean that you will reduce or stop seeing advertisements. While the service is closed, you may still receive general advertising.

If you turn off all the switches, you can turn off the ads. however, not all the advertisements are missing. Occasionally, one or two advertisements will appear.
However, it is also noted that advertising is not closed permanently, but only temporarily.
We can also close the ad again in six months.