Internet rumor refers to the information spread through network media (such as chat software, social networking sites, online forums, etc.). Internet rumors have the characteristics of paroxysmal and fast spreading, so it is easy to cause adverse effects on the normal social order. Especially in some emergencies, Internet rumors can easily lead to public panic and threaten social stability. The harm of Internet rumors is obvious, so it is urgent to crack down on Internet rumors.

  1. The uncertainty of social life provides a hotbed for the generation and spread of rumors;
  2. The lack of scientific knowledge provides opportunities for the spread of rumors; the lag of social information management provides opportunities for the spread of rumors;
  3. The decline of credibility of some local government departments has enhanced the public's sense of distrust;
  4. Some domestic media and a small number of Party members and cadres are indifferent to discipline concept, which promotes the spread of political rumors;
  5. The Internet promotes rumors, strengthens the spread of rumors and hijacks the opinions of netizens;
  6. The driving force of commercial interests is the economic cause of rumors.

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