Pulse modulator

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The pulse modulator consists of four parts: charging power supply part, energy storage part, switching part and pulse forming part.
Chinese name
Pulse modulator
Mature technology
High power pulse modulator is Marx generator
High voltage requirements
The switch has high working voltage and current capacity
radar transmitter
The function of the charging power supply part is to convert the primary power supply into the required DC power supply (in some special cases, it may also be the AC power supply meeting the requirements). The function of the energy storage part is to store energy in certain components, such as capacitors, inductors or artificial lines, so as to reduce the peak power requirements of the power supply part. The switch directly determines some parameters of the final output pulse. By controlling the closing and opening of the switch, the energy storage unit discharges the load (RF transmitter) to form the output pulse with certain voltage, power, pulse width and pulse waveform parameters. Marx modulators with high switching frequency are often used in high-frequency pulse current modulators with high switching frequency.
Application of pulse modulator:
There are two kinds of pulse modulators commonly used in radar transmitter. One is the capacitor energy storage partial discharge modulator with rigid switch, and the other is the artificial line modulator with soft switch.