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7 years ago

A young man fell in love with a girl who worked in a convenience store,

Every day he would go to the shop where the girl worked to buy a packet of cigarettes,

Gradually, the two began to get familiar with each other. When the girl was bored with her work,

Young people will appear. They will talk with girls or amuse girls

The girl also knows that young people seem to like themselves, but she already has a very good boyfriend

There is a shop with a toy machine The girl likes the doll inside very much,

When the young man learned that, he finally confessed to her that day, hoping that the girl would accept him,

The girl who doesn't know what to do can only tell the young man cruelly that she and he are impossible,

Because she already has a beloved boyfriend, the young man nodded quietly after hearing this,

He didn't give up asking the girl, did he really have no chance?

Kind girls can't bear it

She pointed at the fluffy doll in the doll machine and said,

Unless you have 100 dolls and only one doll a day

It turned out that the girl wanted to use time to dilute the young people's feelings for herself,

She thought to herself that it would take more than three months before there were 100 dolls a day,

Besides, young people should not have the patience to fill 100 dolls

During the three months, she will try to keep her distance from the boy,

The young people still come to the store every day, but the girl begins to become cold,

He always tries to talk about some topics that girls are interested in, but the girls still ignore him

Because she knew that only by doing so would not let young people sink deeper and deeper

Young people may feel the girl's intention,

So he pinches the doll every day. Sometimes he is lucky enough to get it once or twice,

Sometimes I'm unlucky and can't get my pocket money when I run out. So I have to borrow money from my friends and continue to clip it until it hits the middle

No matter how much money and time he spends, he will definitely clip a doll every day,

But he couldn't share the joy of picking up a doll with a girl,

Because he knew that the girl wanted to avoid him,

In order to avoid affecting the girl's mood, he could only smile and nod outside the shop window

Several times, I saw young people happy because they caught the doll,

The girls all want to rush out and say to him,

I lied to you. Don't clip any more. Even if you do clip 100 dolls, it's impossible for me and you!

But at the thought of the disillusionment of young people's hopes, the girl couldn't bear it and could only hesitate

One day, two days, three days, The number of dolls of young people keeps accumulating, while girls deliberately keep a distance from young people,

I don't know when the girl's boyfriend who works in other places can't come back to accompany her for her 18th birthday,

He quarreled with his boyfriend, and the young man still came to the convenience store as usual that day,

The difference was that the young man walked into the shop that day. He said to the girl,

Can you make an exception and let him clip two dolls back today,

But the girl who was in a bad mood because she quarreled with her boyfriend was very angry and refused him on the spot

In this way, the young man walked to the doll machine and silently clipped a doll back. When the young man left, he looked at the girl in the shop window

The next day, the young man never came to clip the doll again. At first, the girl felt strange, but she was still glad that she finally put down the big stone in her heart

But gradually, she suddenly felt uncomfortable,

Because the familiar figure who would clip the doll for her every day,

It disappeared like air, and then the girl realized that,

It turned out that the sense of loss in her heart far exceeded the burden brought to her by young people

Just everything The girl began to miss the little things that young people used to chat with her in the shop

Even if he just stood outside the shop window silently holding the doll,

It seems that it will bring her an inexplicable sense of security

So every day when the girl goes to work, she always looks up,

Has the familiar figure come?

Unfortunately, the young people never appeared, leaving only the doll machine that nobody used

One day, after work, the girl met a friend who used to come with young people at the door of the shop,

She asked him anxiously about the whereabouts of the young man, but his friend was sad,

He took the girl to the young man's house,

When he opened the door of the young man's room, the girl saw

A group of fluffy dolls in the doll machine, as well as young people lying motionless on the bed

It turned out that the young man had a disease in his spine and had to operate to save his life,

But there is a half chance that the operation will fail and lead to paralysis,

The young man had a big fight with his boyfriend the night before the operation,

I hope the girl will give him a chance to pick up the last doll, because he has accumulated 99 dolls,

However, she was rejected by the girl. The next day, the young man failed in surgery and became a vegetable,

The young man's mother took a letter to the girl, which was written by the young man before the operation:

In fact, I already knew that even if I caught 100 dolls,

You can't like me. I didn't mean to cause you trouble,

But I hope that in my limited time,

It proves that I used to love someone with my heart,

That's enough. If you see this letter,

That means I can't clip dolls for you anymore. Sorry, maybe my efforts are not enough. I can't clip 100 dolls for you personally

The girl looked at the 99 fluffy dolls beside the bed, which were 99 unbearable hearts,

The tears in the eyes have already burst out

The next day the girl came to the young man's house,

She put the 100th fuzzy doll into the hands of the young man, who had become a vegetable, and his eyes left tears

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I used to love someone with my heart

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Oolong cat    7 years ago   Reply to this comment
It's all caused by the doll machine
 Oolong cat
sincerely    7 years ago   Reply to this comment
Beautiful first love
visitor    2 years ago
one hundred and fifty-eight thousand eight hundred and seventy-four
Tuoyuan    7 years ago   Reply to this comment
All shall be well, Jack shall have jill!

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