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7 years ago

1. How many bricks are left after 500 bricks fall from the plane? 2. How many steps are there to put an elephant in the refrigerator? 3. One day, all the animals went to the Lion King's birthday. Only one animal didn't go. Which animal? 4. Why didn't an old grandmother fall into the crocodile pool and be killed? 5. Why did the old woman go ashore and die?

Answer: 1.499 yuan. 2. In three steps, open the refrigerator, put the elephant in, and close the refrigerator. 3. The elephant didn't go. It was closed in the refrigerator. 4. The crocodile went to the lion king's birthday. 5. He was killed by bricks falling from the plane.

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A series of brain twisters

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Oolong cat    7 years ago   Reply to this comment
Ha ha, it's funny. (☆ o ☆)/
 Oolong cat

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