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ZBLOG From Getting Started to Giving Up Series Video Tutorials Episode 7 Purchase and Installation of Paid Applications


Today we will demonstrate the purchase and installation of Z-Blog paid applications

Log in to the website background and click the left application center to enter the Z-Blog application center

The application center is not logged in

Click to log in to the app store

Obtain account login token

Enter the Z-blog user center login interface

If there is no account, register one

Enter the account password to log in

Some account information is displayed on the background homepage

Click the left account security token generation

Click the Generate button to generate a login token

Copy Token

Go back to the application center and paste the token just copied

Sign in

Login succeeded

Click Apply All

In this way, both paid and free apps will display

Choose a favorite theme

Here we will continue to use Lao Li's theme as a purchase demonstration

In order to record videos, I have changed the price of a free theme to 1 yuan in advance

Click Purchase Application to pop up the purchase agreement

Be sure to read the usage agreement carefully, especially the bold part

Click OK

next step

At present, the application center only supports Alipay to purchase applications

Click Pay Now

Alipay scanning code for payment

Purchase succeeded

Enter the website background application center again

Click My Application Warehouse

Purchased apps will be shown here

Click the app to enter the download page

The following operations are exactly the same as the installation and use of free applications

End of this episode