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Zblog from getting started to giving up series of video tutorials Part 5 creating classified publishing article navigation bar settings

 Category settings - publish article - navigation bar settings.jpg

Now enter the classification management

Add new category to navigation bar menu

Give him a subcategory

OK, we'll create a new article and publish it

Take a look at the front desk

We publish an article in the subcategory

Take a look at the parent category list

It's also for this article

If we have turned off the article listing all the subcategories under the category in the previous page setup

Look, it doesn't show up

Now go back to the home page and look at the navigation bar

It is found that the secondary menu and the primary menu are displayed side by side

We need to set it up to make the secondary menu drop-down

First, we make sure that the plug-in management link module management plug-in is on

Then enter the module management

Edit navigation bar

Turn on the secondary switch

Go back to the home page

The secondary menu has been dropped down


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