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ZBLOG From Getting Started to Giving Up Series Video Tutorial Episode 3 Pseudo Static

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This set of tutorials combines ZBLOGPHP pseudo static setting details Better to eat

Supplement: The new pagoda panel can directly select Nginx rule as zblog in pseudo static

Pseudo static setting

First, let's take a look at the website without pseudo static settings

Is a dynamic URL with parameters

Now start to set pseudo static

Before setting pseudo static, let's take a look at our website environment

This is Apache

Open the plug-in management in the left menu

Enable Static Central Administration

Entry management

Select pseudo static

Do not change the following settings for the time being

If you want to set these contents in detail, you can see the text tutorial on this site


Various pseudo static rules are provided here

Because I use Apache

This is the simplest

Select Apache+. htaccess

Click Create. htaccess

We went to the front desk and found that the address was static

Common web servers include Nginx IIS, which is a little more complex than Apache

Let me demonstrate the steps of setting Nginx in the pagoda panel

Open the pagoda panel

Open the website to set pseudo static settings

Copy Nginx Rules

Paste Save



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