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ZBLOG From Getting Started to Giving Up Series Video Tutorials Episode II Background Overview and Two Important Functions

 Background Overview.jpg

Overview of zblog background and two important functions

Top Menu

Left menu

Content display area

Some plug-in or theme configuration entries will be displayed in the top menu

The left menu basically contains all the functions of the ZB background

Enter the background home page

Here is a very important function

Empty cache and recompile template

Many times we do some operations

For example, some theme files have been modified, and some theme configurations have been modified

But there is no change in the foreground because there is no such operation

Moving on, here are some basic information about the website

One important thing here is the system environment

Later, we will use it when making pseudo static settings

The following updated information will show some official updates and tutorials of zb

It's also worth seeing

There is also a very important function in the website settings of the top menu

It is hidden in the website settings global settings

Development mode

Closed by default

If something goes wrong with our website

For example, an error is reported when opening the website

We need to open the development mode to locate the specific location of the error

Zb provides an exchange forum for everyone to exchange and learn

If we ask in the forum how to solve some errors

It is a basic requirement to open the development mode and take a screenshot

Note: When the development mode is used up, you must turn it off