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ZBLOG From Getting Started to Giving Up Series Video Tutorials Part 1 Program Installation

 ZBLOG From Getting Started to Giving Up Series Video Tutorial Episode 1

ZBLOG series of video tutorials from getting started to giving up are online

Follow Zhibo Ku to build a station and not get lost

This tutorial is broadcast by Z BlogPHP, a building block website building program that webmasters love, without title and sponsorship

Before installing Z-BLOG, you should first make some preparations

An FTP upload software uses FileZilla here

Necessary configuration information FTP MSQL, etc

If it is a virtual host, your host will provide you with this information

Or you can use ECS to install some panels, such as pagodas

Then the new website on the panel will have these

Now we open the Z-BLOG official website

Click program download

Select the online installer and download the decompression

Open the FTP upload tool FileZilla

Enter FTP related information to connect to FTP

21 port is selected by default

Upload the downloaded unzipped file to the website space

Open the website address in the format of domain name+install.php

Start Installation

Note whether the environment check is wrong here

Fill in database information and website information

Choose a theme at random

installation is complete