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Extreme · Unknown Technology Blog Video Demo

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Anonymous (can't think of a name) science and technology blog theme, simple, fresh and generous, suitable for all kinds of websites.

Theme features:

Simple and generous style

Article Directory Index

Article Page Left Toolbar

Immersion reading mode

Friendly SEO

Insert personalized CLASS (low configuration template pseudo original)

Search pseudo static

Label SEO optimization

ZBP1.7 native thumbnail

The article list has a random cover, and the pictures in the folder will be read automatically if there is no picture

Dark mode, timed, default

Multiple advertising spaces and differentiated mobile computers

Head beautification

Alipay WeChat appreciation

The article copyright statement supports ordinary and original, and supports variables

With multiple sidebar modules

Picture carousel


give the thumbs-up


Message ip location display

Adapt to InkStart Z-Blog user center plug-in (the theme itself does not include the user center)

Better compatibility with various user center plug-ins can be set in the background

Submission button (only button link, no submission function)

Multiple page number loading methods (normal pagination manual automatic), the next page can be loaded indefinitely

Picture demonstration:

 FireShot Capture-113 --- Theme Demo Station - Extreme Space Time Theme Demo --- 127.0.0.jpg