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Three common installation methods of Z-BlogPHP (installation package/online installation/pagoda one click deployment) video tutorial

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Today, let's talk about three common ways to install Z-BLOG programs.

This tutorial is all installed in the pagoda panel environment. For the installation of the pagoda environment, you can view other related tutorials on this site.

Open the z-blog official website.

Select the z-blog php program to download.

It is seen that zb has officially provided five installation schemes.

We will only talk about the first three.

(1) : Installed with Z-BLOG installation package

Click to download the Z-BLOG installation package compressed file.

Open the pagoda panel and add a website to the website menu.

Enter the domain name you bind, and make sure to resolve the domain name in advance.

MySQL and utf8mb4 formats are selected for the database.

Other contents can be set or defaulted as required.

Submit and record the returned database information.

Click the website directory just added in the pagoda panel.

Delete the generated default file.

Directly drag the Z-BLOG installation package just downloaded to the pagoda panel window.

Start uploading.

Click Unzip on the right side of the uploaded file.

Decompression succeeded.

You can also click the Upload button at the top left to upload files.

There is no more demonstration here.

The browser accesses your domain name.

Fill in the database information just saved.

Set website information.

The program installation is complete.

(2) : Installed using the Z-Blog-PHP online installer

Click Z-BlogPHP online installer.

You can see the online installation file address provided by the z-blog official.

Open the pagoda panel and add a website.

Same operation mode as before.

Write down the returned database information.

Click the remote download button on the top left.

Enter the online installation file address.


The pagoda will automatically download this file.

Extract the file.

The browser accesses your domain name install.php.

Click Start Installation.

The following operation is the same as the first one.

The program installation is complete.

(3) : One click deployment of Z-Blog-PHP on the pagoda panel

Open the pagoda panel and click Software Store.

Select one click deployment.

Find Z-BlogPHP.

Click one click deployment.

Enter your domain name, and pay attention to the domain name resolution in advance.


Deployment completed.

Log in to the website background using the default user information.

Modify the default user information.

The program installation is complete.