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AliCloud server purchase and network security group configuration video tutorial

 ECS Purchase.jpg

open AliCloud host purchase page

Select an appropriate configuration and log in to an AliCloud account. If there is no account registered, please note that you need real name authentication before you can purchase one.

Because my account has already been purchased, the price is very unfriendly.

If it is a new user who has not bought it, the price will be very cheap.

The operating system is CentOS 7.9 64 bit.

Select the appropriate bandwidth.

It is recommended to purchase for 3 years, because the renewal fee will be very expensive, and it is cost-effective for new users to purchase for 3 years at a time.

Click Buy Now to pay.

This is not demonstrated here.

After purchase, enter the console.

Select ECS

Find the host you purchased.

Choose from more: password/key, reset the instance password, enter a complex password, and submit.

Note that this password should be used later.

Choose from more: network and security group, security group configuration

Check whether 80443 and 22 ports are allowed in the incoming direction. If not, add them.

Configure rules and add them manually

Fill in 8888/8888 for port range, for source, and save.

This is to release the default port of the pagoda panel. If the port is modified later in the pagoda panel, you need to release the relevant port here.

To add, some people's security groups may be empty or cannot be edited

In this case, you can create a new security group in the Network and Security, Security Group menu on the left

Then select Network and Security Group from More and join the security group.

After all is completed, select from more: instance status restarts and waits for the restart to complete

So far, the purchase and configuration of AliCloud hosts have been completed