A letter to a visitor friend

Dear Internet friend, Hello, I am very honored and delighted to be able to enter my little spicy chicken website on numerous Internet sites. If there are any mistakes in my site, I hope everyone Fu Zheng can learn progress with you. I create this site...

20200525 diary

Yesterday, the school organized a college entrance examination, conducted related examinations, chest X-ray, eyesight, hearing and so on. Incredibly, I am 171cm tall and 49kg. This truth shocked me. I am very busy recently, I am busy driving my driving test and preparing for university knowledge.

The study says that air pollution is related to the new crown mortality rate.

In the analysis of 3080 counties in the United States, the Chen Cengxi School of public health of Harvard University found that the high level of small and dangerous PM2.5 particles in air was associated with the higher mortality rate of the disease. "The results of this paper show that long-term exposure to air pollution will increase the risk of Cov," the authors wrote.

The open source editor provided by the download station in China is found to bind malicious code.

Security company reported that the open source editor Notepad++ provided by the West Download Software Park was found bundled with malicious code. This malicious script code is associated with extortion software WannaRen. The extortion software may be transmitted through the domestic download station. Baidu search Notepa in Chinese search engine.

Women's survival advantage

With the spread of the new crown virus across borders, oceans and continents, there is still a puzzling data that has not yet been reasonably explained: almost all countries that have data support die from the virus more than men. The explanation for this difference is mainly in the aspect of behavior: smoking more, not willing to...