YANG JINGWEN (aka Young Free)

Do what you love. Morality and words, no questions about the West and East
An English major graduates but makes a living in the e-commerce industry. He doesn't know the code and can be single

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Young Free!

This is my personal blog, which aims to share and record the life style blog
Welcome to visit my blog often. At the same time, you can search "yjwfree" in wechat to add my wechat.

  • First block

    I don't know why. I'll be free

  • Work done

    Website SEO, primary school Chinese substitute teacher, vocational secondary school English practice teacher, eBay operation, Amazon operation, express sale operation, shuodiang / Kuaishou shop operation

  • Code of interest

    It's very comfortable to use WordPress at present
    I'm not a code farmer. I can't write code

  • Music of concern

    Avril Lavigne
    Greyson chance
    Teen pop

  • The fifth block

    I don't know what I'm doing. I'm free

  • Cities you've been to

    Yingzhou, Yangzhou, Yangzhou, Zhejiang, Zhejiang, China

Free resource network

Here are some free resources I collected, including free domain name, space, mailbox, photo album, online disk and other resources