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  • WordPress article video add tutorial

    Video function is a function supported by WordPress by default, but there are still some things that do not understand for the novice users in actual use. Today, a brief introduction is given on how to insert videos when editing articles. The new version of the Gutenberg editor inserts the method to add local video. If it's a local video (recommended MP4 format),

    Released on 06 2019, 06, was visited 336 times.
  • WordPress seven cattle static file CDN accelerated configuration tutorial

    WordPress website optimization and acceleration has always been a concern of many webmasters. Today, we mainly introduce the setting up method of CDN based on seven cattle static files (such as pictures, JS, CSS). CDN or object storage? At present, many of the customers we are exposed to are object storage services based on third party plug-ins.

    Published in October 31, 2018, was visited 3129 times.
  • WordPress Theme upload manually update update tutorial

    Under normal circumstances, our WordPress Themes can support the one click Update of the background (Reference: https://www.wpcom.cn/help/62.html), but in some cases there will also be problems of online update failure, such as directory permissions, poor server network and so on.

    Released on 07 2018, 31, was visited 1556 times.
  • Setting up new windows for WordPress navigation menu

    WordPress navigation menu function is added to the default window is open, but sometimes we hope that the link can be opened in the new window, such as the addition of external links. In fact, WordPress is supporting the setting of new window to open menu link, but this setting option is relatively hidden, and the default is not displayed.

    Released on 06 2018, 26, was visited 1011 times.
  • How can WP-PostViews plug-in modify article readings?

    WP-PostViews is a very common WordPress plug-in. It is mainly used for statistics of the number of readings in the article. The plug-in is simple to use, directly installed and enabled, and provides sidebar widgets, which can display the popular reading articles ranking of websites, and can also be statistics based on Ajax technology in the face of opening static page caching.

    Released on 05 2018, 15, was visited 1801 times.
  • WordPress beginner's introduction: the difference between classified catalogues and pages

    In the process of contacting with our WordPress subject users, we found that many newcomers were always stupid about classified catalogues and pages when they first entered WordPress. So here we will give you a brief introduction of their differences and their respective usage scenarios, so that the new novice users can quickly grasp the background of WordPress. ...

    Released on 03 2018, 22, was visited 2373 times.
  • WordPress article abstract how to set up article edit page without summary solution

    Abstract is an optional function in WordPress. When WordPress does not find the content is not found in the abstract of the article, it will also be obtained according to the more tag or the first paragraph interception. So many users do not necessarily understand his role, but in some scenes of certain themes, the summary still has a function.

    Released on 03 2018, 13, was visited 1776 times.
  • WordPress "uploaded file size exceeds the upload_max_filesize value defined in php.ini." Terms of settlement

    Users often encounter hints in the installation of WordPress themes: "the size of uploaded files exceeds the upload_max_filesize value defined in php.ini." As shown in the figure, the hints in the map show that the reason for the error is very clear, that is, the server's PHP configuration file PHP.

    Released on 02 2018, 09, was visited 3689 times.
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  • WPCOM theme WeChat login public interface configuration tutorial

    In our built-in Themer framework, we support the function of user center by default. WeChat login is also one of the functions. All WordPress topics on the Internet can be implemented in addition to MIP mobile themes. In this tutorial, we will introduce the WeChat login interface configuration under the public platform. Before the configuration, warm reminder, WeChat login needs company recognition.

    Released on 05 2019, 06, was visited 397 times.
  • The reason and solution of WordPress theme font icon can not be displayed properly

    Font icon has been widely used in web development due to its lightweight, flexible, clear and good browser compatibility. The WordPress theme on the WPCOM line is also built with Font Icon Library for use. However, some users have encountered some problems in practical use. The most common problem is that the icon can not be displayed properly. Can't be right...

    Released on 02 2019, 14, was visited 973 times.
  • Solution to subtopic failure after updating WPCOM theme

    In the previous version, the theme folder of the WPCOM theme has been used directly in the name of the subject. However, this naming method is not very standard, and the use of the theme alias, topic name, plug-in alias and plug-in name in the background system is also very confusing, which is not conducive to the later maintenance. Therefore, in the recent update, we have unified the theme and plugin directory, and have used the alias all together.

    Released on 09 2018, 25, was visited 674 times.
  • WPCOM theme WeChat JS-SDK preview function opens method

    WPCOM online payment theme has all supported the function of picture Lightbox light box, and this function has special optimization for WeChat built-in browser. It can cooperate with WeChat JS-SDK to achieve image preview effect similar to public number article. To open the picture Lightbox function, first of course...

    Released on 06 2018, 21, was visited 744 times.
  • After the Themer framework is updated, some users need to reactivate the theme.

    Recently, we have updated all the WordPress topics on the Internet. One of the most important updates is the update of the Themer framework. In this update (after May 21, 2018 update), we repaired the problem that the data could not be synchronized in time when the theme was updated. After upgrading to the latest version, we can effectively solve the following problems.

    Released on 05 2018, 24, was visited 546 times.
  • JustNews theme new user center frequently asked questions

    The new user center has been released in the JustNews Theme 3 version. Due to the difference between the old and new versions, some users will have some doubts about the use of the new user center. Here is a brief summary. Why didn't you find the user center option in the theme setting after updating the theme? You can try to brush...

    Released on 04 2018, 19, was visited 2073 times.
  • JustNews topic 3 User Center Data Migration Guide

    JustNews Theme 3 has been officially released and updated. This update mainly focuses on user center functions. Previous user center functions are implemented on the basis of Ultimate Member plug-ins. The new version will no longer use Ultimate Member plug-ins, but use our self developed user center module. But the old and new versions are...

    Released on 04 2018, 17, was visited 1201 times.
  • Why do we use ads after WordPress themes? What happens if websites are put into advertisements?

    Recently, I met several customers to ask this question: is your WordPress theme inserted in advertising code? How do I get rid of it? In fact, this problem is not an advertisement inserted by our WordPress theme, nor is it necessarily a website being blackened. This is usually caused by HTTP hijacking. In our usual browsing web page,

    Released on 01 2018, 30, was visited 2152 times.
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  • New Module theme refactoring version 4 releases more powerful custom functions on line

    A few days ago, we officially released the Module theme refactoring version 4, and in the next few days, we have also added 2 demonstration styles. At present, the presentation style of the Module theme has reached 7 sets. The specific effect can refer to the demonstration station: http://demo.wpcom.cn/preview/module.html...

    Released on 05 2019, 31, was visited 360 times.
  • WeChat small program JustWeapp released online, welcome to buy

    After more than 3 months of development, WeChat Mini program has been released online this month. Welcome to sweep code experience purchase, the following is the small program effect and the two-dimensional code picture: the function of the first phase will be relatively simple, and the follow-up will continue to improve and update more functions. Please look forward to it! A small program can be accessed in detail: https://www.wpcom...

    Released on 04 2019, 16, was visited 344 times.
  • WPCOM original WordPress theme on-line mobile phone registration function

    Recently, we have made a series of functional optimization and adjustment to the user center function of the original Themer framework. The most important change is the increase of the mobile phone registration function. In addition, there are a series of optimization and updating of the account system interaction process. It supports the registration of mobile phones, and the user center function can be opened in the background.

    Released on 03 2019, 01, was visited 1780 times.
  • Themer framework 2 updated release, new theme backstage setup framework

    The Themer framework has been more than 3 years with our first set of paid WordPress themes. During this period, we have made tens of thousands of code updates to the framework, and the overall function has been improved and stable. However, due to various reasons such as early development planning, technical update iteration, and new functional technology options, the existing functional modules of the framework are different.

    Published in December 24, 2018, was visited 681 times.
  • It's time to load and load the WordPress image: WebP smart compatibility solution.

    Recently, we have updated the theme of online WordPress. The main content of this update is to add WebP support to the theme. By this new function, we can replace the picture intelligence of the website into WebP format. WebP? If you haven't heard of it, let's have a look at it first. WebP introduction. First look at Wikipedia's...

    Released on 09 2018, 21, was visited 6740 times.
  • The WPCOM theme is fully compatible with the new version of WordPress Gutenberg editor.

    WordPress has officially joined the Gutenberg editor support from 4.9.8, but now it needs to be supported by plug-ins. Users can install Gutenberg plug-ins directly in the background to switch to the new editor. However, the background prompts are also clearly stated in the next major version (which may be 5?). Gu...

    Released on 08 2018, 03, was visited 947 times.
  • QAPress plug-in 2 release, rewrite core code, better compatibility

    The QAPress plug-in 2.0.0 has been released online. This update has rewritten the core code, and the front page is consistent with before. Users can automatically update and transfer data in the old and new versions after updating directly. Because QAPress was originally transplanted directly from the WPCOM official website to WordPres only according to the needs of some customers.

    Released on 07 2018, 16, was visited 1261 times.
  • WPCOM payment WordPress theme has fully supported the new user center.

    User center function has always been a core function of our WordPress theme. It has been implemented on the basis of Ultimate Member plug-in. However, in the process of using it, we found that Ultimate Member plug-in did not achieve all of our needs well, and the backstage setting options of plug-ins were also mixed.

    Released on 05 2018, 14, was visited 1989 times.
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