The happy National Day is over

At the beginning of national day, I was afraid of traffic jam and got up at 3 am 🌞, 4 o'clock to go home with my pet Panda (my cat) 😺), Direct impact high speed 🚗, Sure enough, there will be no traffic jam in the morning. On the way, the panda still had stress reaction, and he always opened his mouth. Fortunately, it was not particularly serious. After two hours, he finally got home 🏰。 The sky in my hometown is always so blue. The clouds seem to be very close to the ground

Lingdu streaming media dash cam unpacking

After browsing many evaluation websites and reading many evaluation articles, I finally chose hs996c of lingdu, saying that the name of this model is strange The reason for choosing lingdu is that lingdu is equipped with starlight night vision, so as to record the journey more clearly at night, and it is not inferior to other mainstream brands in terms of appearance. At the beginning, I prefer Millet's intelligent rearview mirror, but I was dissuaded by the price

Implementation of route and request interceptor in Vue

The separation mode of front and back end has become the mainstream mode now. The authentication mode is from the original session to the current JWT, oauth2 and so on. No matter which way, in the front-end, we must use interceptors to achieve a series of operations such as permission authentication. Let's talk about the implementation methods of route interceptor and request interceptor in Vue. Components used

Through the robbery, the panda has experienced a great barrier of Miaosheng

Five months later, time flies. When the panda was brought home, it was still a three month old baby. In a flash, it was the day of sterilization. A little heartless, did not ask for its opinion, although it does not seem to have any opinion... Chinese education! I'm for it's good! Sterilization can increase life span. I hope you don't blame me. Don't scratch me when I'm asleep at night Busy with
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