Comet 12P

Last night, when I was running, I found that the sky became clear and a round of curved moon hung overhead. Now more and more people can understand why there are so many poems and songs in ancient times, [...]

Last night, when I was running, I found that the sky became clear and a round of curved moon hung overhead. Now more and more people can understand why so many ancient poems and songs used the moon to send Acacia. The vicissitudes of life and the hundred years of life are all a short moment for the moon since ancient times. The moon seen by the ancients, the moon seen by today, the moon seen by me, and the moon seen by you are all the same. It shines into the hearts of everyone who loves the moon. Looking at the world from the perspective of the moon, or from a larger perspective, or from the perspective of the universe, it is short and small, and the chaos in life seems so light and insignificant. Yesterday I saw an article saying: After 71 years of long journey, Comet 12P/Pons Brooks (hereinafter referred to as Comet 12P) returned to the solar system and will pass through the perihelion on April 21 to reach the nearest position from the sun. Astronomical science experts say that [Read the full text]

Happiness u-shaped curve

Today, I read the book Seeking Things by the economist He Fan. There is a passage like this, which makes me think: the happiness of life follows a U-shaped curve. Assume a timeline from [...]

Today, I read the book Seeking Things by the economist He Fan. There is a passage like this, which makes me think: The happiness of life follows a U-shaped curve. Assume a timeline, from the nearest moment to the furthest end of your life. The more present, the easier it is to experience happiness. The more you reach the end of your life, the easier it is to experience happiness. Only in the near future, happiness will be the lowest. ...... In most cases, we will ignore the present and pay no attention to the long term. Instead, we care about the time not far away or near ...... The greater the uncertainty in the near future. Happiness is related to the sense of control, and control is related to certainty. The more present, the greater the certainty; The longer term, the less uncertainty will be, because short-term fluctuations have been smoothed out for a long time. Only in the medium term, the fluctuation and uncertainty are the largest. I don't care about the present or the long term. The final result is that my heart is getting more and more bottomless and it is more and more difficult to find happiness. ...... [Read the full text]

Live in the moment

Today, I read Zen Master Yixing's book "Living at this moment". It's a good book. This kind of book should be read often. People who are always anxious and confused like me will automatically fall into self realization [...]

Today, I read Zen Master Yihang's book "Living at this moment". It's a good book. This kind of book should be read often. People like me who are often anxious and confused will automatically fall into the dilemma of self realization. When they are busy, they will find that they do not know what the original intention is, and will not enjoy life and enjoy the moment. The book says: The word "leisure" in Chinese characters, framed by "doors and windows", means that only those who are really leisurely have time to enjoy the moon. Nowadays, most people don't have such luxury leisure time. Although we have more money in our pockets and richer material life, we are not as happy as before. The reason is that we don't have time to enjoy each other's company. But we can make ordinary life more meaningful in some way. For example, start with the simplest thing, concentrate on drinking tea and enjoy the taste of tea. Why spend two hours drinking tea? Economically speaking, this is a waste of time. But it has nothing to do with money. Time is more important than money [Read the full text]

21 years of "Watching Pavilion"

Today is the 21st year since the establishment of the "Watching Pavilion". As usual, I will leave some words to record this date. 2023 is coming to the end of the year, and I always feel that this year has passed [...]

Today is the 21st year since the establishment of the "Watching Pavilion". As usual, I will leave some words to record this date. The year 2023 is coming to the end of the year. It is said that the older I get, the more sensitive I am to time, and the faster I feel. I will be 50 years old next year, and I will be able to retire in about 10 years. Looking back, I felt as if I was in a hurry. I was half a hundred years old and became a mediocre old man. Although doing nothing, he is not confused. His views on life and life are gradually becoming clearer and less ignorant. Although he has not yet reached the realm of knowing the destiny of heaven, he also has a stable but not shallow understanding of himself and the world. All my life, I have been closely bound to this era, catching up with the good era of development, and if I conform to the trend of the times, I will be relatively smooth, with fewer hardships and frustrations. In addition to their own efforts, a person's achievements are largely determined by the process of this era. This era is like an "elevator" [Read the full text]

Excerpt from "Decisive Victory: How to Win the War of Liberation"

The victory of the Communist Party of China in the War of Liberation is the result of joint efforts.

My understanding of the liberation war between 1946 and 1949 is still more superficial at the level of film and television dramas and history textbooks. Recently, I saw a book named "Decisive Victory: How to Win the War of Liberation" on the APP. I have a more comprehensive, macro and in-depth understanding of this history. The victory of the war of liberation led by the Communist Party of China is not simply a matter of millet plus rifles, not a small-scale guerrilla war, but a systematic and comprehensive strategic deployment, Through a series of carefully planned battles, we fought city by city. This book takes history as a preface, adopts the method of combining historical theories, quotes a large number of memoirs of historical figures, party history materials, etc., establishes the deep reasons for the defeat of the Kuomintang and the victory of the Communist Party in politics, organization and military from 13 different aspects, and completely updates my understanding of the liberation war. 1. "We can defeat Chiang Kai shek". At the beginning of the war, the overall strength of the PLA was quite different from that of the Kuomintang army, but the gap was not very large. The Kuomintang army was not inevitable [Read the full text]

China's population crisis

After reading this book, I can now understand Mr. Liang's care for China's population crisis.

After reading the new book "Population Strategy: How Population Affects Economy and Innovation" written by Dr. Liang Jianzhang in April 2023, I have a profound understanding of China's population crisis. For the prediction of future Chinese population and births, Mr. Liang issued a serious warning. He even used the word "rush". The reality of Chinese population and births in the past two years also seems to verify his statement that the birth population in 2022 will be 9.56 million, and the fertility rate will fall below the level of 1.1, which is almost the lowest in the world, just slightly higher than South Korea, It is predicted that China's birth population will fall below 8 million in 2023, and to achieve normal population replacement, the fertility rate will be 2.1. The book describes the birth forecast of China's population in the future as follows: China's birth population will soon fall below 9 million, and enter a long period of negative population growth. China's first place in the world population will also be replaced by India. If the fertility policy cannot be significantly adjusted, by 2030, according to the low forecast, it is likely that the annual birth population will be only about 6 million, that is, only 1/4 of the 1980s. It's called population [Read the full text]

Preview PDF files in WeChat applet using PDF.js

Parse and preview PDF through PDF.js

In WeChat applet, you can download and open pdf files through two apis, wx.downloadFile and wx.openDocument. This method has many disadvantages: 1. You need to download it to view it. Each time you open it, you need to download and generate a temporary file. If there are more PDF files, there will be more and more temporary files. If the PDF files are larger, opening will be slower. 2. The title displayed on the navigation bar is a temporary file name, which is not elegant enough. 3. It is inconvenient to turn the page. Can PDF be previewed directly in the applet? I try to use the web view of WeChat applet to display PDF files, which can be displayed in the development tool, but cannot be displayed in the real machine. In micro [Read the full text]

Wonderful chip world

Chip war, the battle of national fortune.

In recent years, the chip competition between China and the United States has become increasingly fierce, often becoming a hot topic, which seems to be the trend of the national sports competition between China and the United States. Although I have been in the IT industry for more than 20 years and have been dealing with chips almost every day, I do not know the history of chips and the country to country competition around chips. Only after reading the book Chip War these days can I get a general outline and deeply understand that chip competition is the key technology competition in the future world. This book is a new book published in May 2023. The reading experience is very good. It is fascinating, with science and technology adventures, business war stories, and great power games. In the book, there are also many colorful descriptions of Chinese chip stories. In the chip story, Chinese people gradually appear in the middle of the stage. Why is America [Read the full text]

Three dimensions of improving learning ability

Submit learning ability with learning ability ternary model

Learning is a hard and anti human thing, and happy learning is probably just a vanity. Even if you study hard, you may not have a good learning effect. Is there a scientific and effective way to submit your learning ability? The book Brain Science of Learning Ability provides three dimensions of thinking, which is worth learning from. What are the three dimensions? It is the three dimensional model of learning power described by the author: cognitive power, emotional power and environmental power. "Successful learning requires the cooperation of many factors, but I think the most important thing is that the three forces of cognition, emotion and environment are balanced, harmonious, and can promote each other". The three combined forces are learning execution, in other words, the three determine learning ability and effect. In this model, executive ability is the core, supplemented by three important forces that influence each other: cognitive power, emotional power and environmental power. Each share of power has an expandable extension (shown by dotted lines in Figure 1-1), which can be expanded with the improvement of individual learning ability and the product of experience [Read the full text]

The price of beauty

It is hoped that everyone who is dissatisfied with his or her appearance can obtain the beauty and charm he or she wants through medical beauty.

This book is recommended for those who want to be medical beauticians: A Guide to Medical Beauticians Written by Dr. Xiao Xiehe. Recently, I occasionally saw this book on the app. I was just browsing it at leisure. I am not interested in medical beauty. Nearly half a hundred people have no plans to do beauty. But after reading this book, I found it interesting. I learned a lot about medicine and health. It is really "everything is learned". Xiao Yiding, the author of this book, is an excellent doctor of medical beauty in Peking Union Medical College Hospital. He calls himself a fat angel. His writing is humorous and humorous. On the basis of rigorous verification and case analysis, he popularized the difficult professional knowledge of medical beauty in simple terms. People like me who do not know anything about medical beauty can also understand it. This book can be rated as the largest medical beauty [Read the full text]

Learning is the most possible shortcut to life

How to learn is worth considering.

If there is any shortcut to life growth, it is most likely to be learning. Recently I read a book, Learning Knowledge, which is about learning life cycle management. The author thinks about learning from his perspective. Learning is not limited to academic learning in the student era, but refers to learning in all aspects of the whole life stage, including professional learning, including all knowledge about people. The author believes that we can live a good life through lifelong continuous learning. Learning to change destiny Living in this "volume" era, everyone is struggling and anxious, hoping to break through the circle and move towards the rising channel. However, the way to rise is very difficult. Most ordinary people have no good background, no high starting point, no good resources. If they want to break through, the most possible "shortcut" and the most possible way to rely on is to study hard. Learning is a growth method with the lowest cost. ...... [Read the full text]

Action affects the brain

Small meaningful actions are better than perfect fantasy

Exam Brain Science 2 is the second book I read written by Japanese brain science researcher Yuji Ikitani. Compared with the first book, Exam Brain Science, which talks about memory related to examinations, this book extends this topic and talks about more interesting knowledge in brain science, such as the relationship between memory and pressure, motivation, brain and body, Why can't alcohol relieve stress? The brain lies. Why does the brain become confused? Why is the brain preconceived? The author popularized a lot of common knowledge of brain science with vivid and interesting language and simple pictures. After reading, I found that I knew so little about the brain, although I thought with it every day. Although it may not be directly used for examinations, it is [Read the full text]