It's too late to know where the clouds are

Who is You Chi

The hard ones replaced the soft ones, and the clear ones replaced the fuzzy ones. Those slippery and sticky things, take you to the corner of the world.

How lucky to meet you!

Hello, this is moonlight pub You Chi , 24, unemployed, curious about the interesting world and possibly interesting you, loves tech and ACG culture, and is trying to work on Internet product / web development.

Hope to meet you under the stars of the sea of bits!

  • HTML5/CSS3

    Ability to produce website level
  • JavaScript/Typescript

    Ability to use modern wheel level
  • PHP

    Praise the ability to speak at the best level
  • Digital design

    The ability to make yourself comfortable
  • world

    The ability to observe world level
  • Do something

    The ability to make things happen
  • magic

    The same level of competence as ordinary people
  • MoePower

    Ability to become a sprout