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Tencent Cloud 2-core 2G4M ECS shares 99 yuan/year for renewal at the same price

Selected preferential cloud worry free is a cloud server promotional activity launched after Tencent Cloud Spring Festival promotional activity. Now, the activities of major cloud server businesses are continuous and brilliant. The renewal is at the same price as the new purchase of lightweight application server and cloud database. The renewal is at the same price of 59 yuan/year. Each configuration is purchased once and renewed once. You cannot participate in the lightweight 2-core 2G4 repeatedly


AliCloud cost performance ECS 99 yuan/year dual core 2G memory 3M bandwidth

On the Double 11 in 2023, Alibaba Cloud launched a cost-effective Wang Cloud server, which costs only 99 yuan per year and provides a dual core 2G memory 3M bandwidth configuration, which is extremely valuable. Configuration: 2-core CPU, 2G memory, 3M fixed bandwidth unlimited traffic, shared by new and old users, new purchase and renewal at the same price, necessary for developers! Model: economic e-instance, I

RiPro-V5 Theme - WordPress Virtual Resource Mall Theme

RiPro-V5 theme is a new V5 version of RiPro theme, which has powerful functions, extremely fast speed, easy management and other characteristics. It is an excellent WordPress virtual resource mall theme launched by Ritheme. RiPro-V5 theme features support home page modular layout and WP native gadget modular home page drag and drop

How to clear browser cache files

When we deal with website problems, we are often prompted to clear the browser cache first. For novices, it is rare to take the initiative to clear the browser cache when surfing the Internet. But when you encounter that the website content is not updated when building a website, you should do so. In this article, Lao Wei will explain what is browser caching and the principle of browser caching, and teach you how to use the common main

Benefits of WordPress article directory to Bing SEO

Today, Weieisi's notes are searched on Bing: The pagoda can't automatically jump to the www domain name without the www domain name. When this keyword was found, I found the following search results unintentionally, which I think is very interesting. You can also use the keywords of WordPress and website building to search, and see the form of Weieisi's notes' search results. Bing

Talk again about the benefits of using CDN for websites

In his blog, Lao Wei often mentioned that there are many advantages to set up a CDN for a website, such as speeding up the website and preventing malicious attacks. In related articles, does ECS still use CDN acceleration? What website needs CDN? It is estimated that some people may not believe it when they see it, and may not follow my instructions (or be too lazy to do it) when they believe it. So today, Old Wei will take

2024 Tencent Cloud New Year Purchase Festival 2-core 2G4M new and old share 99 yuan/year renewal at the same price

At the 2024 Tencent Cloud New Year Purchase Festival, this time, it is given that: 2-core 2G4M ECS, new and old users can share 99 yuan/year, and the renewal price is the same. Time: 03.01-03.31 The renewal price is the same as that of a new purchase. The light weight is the same as that of a new purchase, and the renewal price of a new database purchase is 59 yuan/year. Users who already have instances in this zone can directly renew them. Each configuration is limited to 1

Disable the wp cron scheduled task and panel override of WordPress

The wp cron scheduled task of WordPress will be checked and executed when the user visits the page, which will consume a certain amount of host performance and extend the page opening time. This article mainly explains what wp cron is, how to disable the wp cron scheduled task, and how to add alternative functions after disabling it. What is wp cron determination

Another sharp weapon for website firewall to block report website security protection

The website firewall interception report is another sharp tool provided by the pagoda panel. In the customized time period, the interception type distribution, attack IP ranking TOP20, IP report TOP20, URL report TOP20 and other rich attack interception information. The website attack interception report can be found in the background of the pagoda panel, the WAF>attack report in the function list on the left

Pagoda Panel Website Firewall Blocking Report Helps Me Block Malicious IP

Today, a netizen asked for help and said that since the end of February, the server has been constantly attacked. The pagoda panel background displays the load status, CPU utilization, and memory utilization of 100% for a long time, which has led to the inability to access multiple websites on the host. So I went to see the reason and how to solve it. Old Wei has received many similar requests for help, such as CPU and

A 3-second fast service opening tutorial for novice pet Paru

This article provides a tutorial for fully automatic deployment of the exclusive server of Paru, a pet. With the help of Tencent Cloud, it only takes three mouse clicks to achieve the goal of three seconds to open the service easily. Even people who do not know about the cloud server can happily "catch Paru" with friends. The following deployment teaching will be conducted based on Tencent Cloud lightweight application server Lighthouse. I

The pagoda panel is unable to log in and the connection is rejected

A netizen came to Lao Wei and said that his pagoda panel had not been logged in for a long time. After logging in, he was always on the home page. He could see the content of the page, but it was always loading. After several times of refreshing, the English prompt of connection rejection was displayed. Today, we will write this solution for the reference of friends in need. At the beginning, the safety risk of the pagoda panel is the first