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Recently, the most troubling thing for Micro Magic is the fact that the free version of G Suite began to charge. As a person who experienced the free era of Google App, Micro Magic has several G suite for his own use, but recently Google has quietly modified its strategy (only written in the instruction document, but there is no extensive email notification through visual inspection). In short, it can be used for free until May 1, 2022, From May 1, it will automatically upgrade to the paid workspace. If you do not pay by July 1, you will not be able to use the core functions (including Gmail and Gdrive, and YouTube will not be affected). Because WeChat Magic has really been using G suite's domain name mailbox in daily life, it is really troublesome, so we collected some solutions. Of course, we finally chose to subscribe to the official workspace, and wrote the specific solution for your reference.

Free solution:

Domestic Alibaba Cloud and Netease Email , may be the first choice in China at present. Although Tencent's mailbox is also nominally free, it has a little threshold (although it can be fooled) to add a series of operations such as enterprise WeChat, which is still a bit disgusting. It is worth mentioning that WeChat Magic once used NetEase, and there was a problem that some foreign emails could not be received, which was also the reason for turning to Google at that time

Yandex and Mail.ru from abroad are two good choices. Two corporate mailboxes from Russia may be more familiar to Yandex. This company provides generous resources, but its disadvantages are obvious, that is, it is easier to enter the garbage bin

In addition, Zoho also provides free solutions. The free configuration of the previous years also supports IMAP, SMTP, and POP, but the current free solution is no longer supported. If charged, it is also very cheap. The domestic version is only 50 yuan/year, and the international version only costs 1 dollar per month. By the way, Zoho is divided into the international version and the domestic version in order to comply with relevant regulations in China, The domestic version is said to require real name authentication of ID cards, but the server speed should be faster. Micro Magic tried the international version of the mailbox, and the loading speed was a little touching

Other sources are Microsoft. If you have administrator privileges such as E3, E5 or A1, then it's good. You can bind your own domain name and enjoy Outlook. Of course, this kind of risk is that 99% of their origin is not officially guaranteed. To be honest, these subscriptions are trial programs, We all use some means and ways to obtain and maintain it, so we need to have some attitude of taking risks. In addition, although the home version of Office 365 can also be bound to a domain name, it only supports Godaddy's domain name through visual inspection. It has many limitations, more like email forwarding. It is not the same thing as the E3 and E5 mentioned above, so it is not recommended for everyone to use it, nor should you buy Office 365 for this purpose

Alternative solutions for charging:

  • FastMail (old brand)
  • Protonmail (mainly encryption, custom domain name is a little expensive)
  • RackSpace (some years ago, the positioning is not obvious)
  • MXRoute (good reputation in the community, not tried specifically)

Upgrade the official Google WorkSpace

Of course, if you upgrade to Google Workspace, you can also use the exchange rate to reduce certain costs. For example, we all know that Turkey is a low-cost paradise (you should have heard of Steam and Netflix in Turkey). Google Workspace in Turkey is also very cheap. Of course, A-3 District is also very cheap. In addition, Micro Devil found that in the process of upgrading, it also jumped out of the flexible package, as shown in the following figure, That is, until July, the money was free, and then the subscription for the new year was 70% off, which was very cheap.

Because I only use Gmail, I started the Starter Plan. Note that the Starter Plan does not have independent Gdrive, online documents and other functions. In addition to the mailbox capacity, it is also simple to configure compared with the free version of Gsuite (to switch to a more advanced package, click Add or upgrade subscription in the figure above)

Here is the key point, choose Turkey and Turkish lira currency

The following is the settlement. Find a Turkish address on the Internet and enter it. WeChat Magic has also used the domestic AE card. The subsequent deduction is still unclear.

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  1. Zoho felt strange after the trial. After the domain name was bound, the paid version was launched, but every user added would have to pay an annual fee. Although it was 12 dollars a year, at first it thought that only the administrator needed to pay, and user accounts were free

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