#Lazy # One click to build BitWarden password management program

Now various password leaks are emerging in endlessly, and many big factories often roll over. If they still use a unified password, it will be very dangerous. This is why many people choose password management software such as LastPASS, KeePASS, 1Password, etc. At present, WeChat Magic uses a software called Bitwarden, and all platforms have clients, The official free package is enough for me. Interestingly, if you don't like to put all your passwords on the official website, this software also supports building your own website, and the official website provides a convenient installation script.

One click construction of BitWarden password management program

1. Apply for the installation ID, which is required later and needs to enter the email address

website: https://bitwarden.com/host

2. Download

 curl -Lso bitwarden.sh  https://go.btwrdn.co/bw-sh  \ && chmod 700 bitwarden.sh

3. Installation

 ./bitwarden.sh install

The following questions will be asked during installation, which is not difficult

 Enter the domain name for your Bitwarden instance: Do you want to use Let’s Encrypt to generate a free SSL certificate?  (y/n): Enter your installation id: Enter your installation key: Do you have a SSL certificate to use?  (y/n): Do you want to generate a self-signed SSL certificate?  (y/n):

4. Management

 Start:/ bitwarden.sh start Restart:/ bitwarden.sh restart Close:/ bitwarden.sh stop Update script:/ bitwarden.sh updateself Update container and database:/ bitwarden.sh update

reference resources Official website information

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