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#Ye Qingjie # Some solutions after G Suite starts charging

Recently, the most troubling thing for Micro Magic is the fact that the free version of G Suite began to charge. As a person who experienced the free era of Google APP, Micro Magic has several G suite for its own use, but recently Google has quietly changed its strategy (just written it out in the instruction document

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#Closure # GalaxyHostPlus Announces Business Closure

GalaxyHostPlus is a foreign VPS service provider. A few days ago, it issued an announcement that the company went bankrupt due to its financial situation. For specific reasons, please refer to the announcement at the end of the article. In short, the business could not make ends meet under the low price promotion. This store has launched 4G memory before in Black Five

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#The end of the family heirloom # XVMLabs announced that it would stop business

Today, I received an email from Le XvmLabs. The content is as follows. The general meaning is that XVMLabs will stop relevant business. Maybe many friends who have recently contacted VPS are not familiar with this company. This company has provided ultra-low price VPS business many years ago, which is not only cheap (from $2.99 per year

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#Bankruptcy # Chinese vest LizCat brand sold to DGCHost

LizCat appeared in everyone's view at the beginning of this month, but WeChat didn't report it, mainly because it is obviously a Chinese business (although the website and WHMCS are all in English), and more importantly, its WHOIS pointed to NyaVM, which has received a lot of bad comments. Recently

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#No lasting heirloom # Online 2 EU independent servers will exit one after another


Online.net is a "famous" host service provider from abroad. Its main business is in the data center of France, and it often launches independent services with strong market competitiveness. Among them, the most well-known is the legendary "heirloom" of February. Although hard disk duration, CPU, memory, etc. are full of slots

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#Pay attention to backup # comment plug-in "more talk" will be offline soon

"Duoshuo" should be a comment plug-in familiar to webmasters. Like foreign dispus, it can allow some pages without comment function to add comment function. Micromagic has also been used for a while, mainly for imperial cms. Visually, the merchants did not find a good profit point, so this

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#Can't afford to play # Crissic's existing quarterly and annual payment products will be terminated upon expiration!

Today, WeChat Magic received an official email from Crissic (see below). Crissic will not only cancel the existing products with long cycle such as quarterly, semi annual and annual payment, but also cancel the orders of existing customers when they expire! Since Crissic was acquired (transmitted) by QuadraNet

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#Charge # DigitalOcean will charge for snapshots from November 1, 2016


Snapshot can be said to be a powerful tool for backup and environment configuration. Previously, DigitalOcean had been providing this service to customers for free, but recently, the DO official decided to start charging for this service from November 1, 2016, with the charging standard of 0.05

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#Industry # TorqHost merged into WaveCom


Torqhost is a VPS service provider from Estonia. It is also one of the few VPS service providers known to provide Estonian computer rooms. Wemagic has made many introductions (transmissions) before. Wemagic was also a user of this company before. In addition to constantly delaying the deployment of ipv6, this company is very

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[Tips] IPXCore changes the IP address of the computer room in New York


IPXCore should be a VPS service provider that everyone is familiar with. The previous promotions and services are good. Recently, I received a notice from IPXCore that this company is going to change the IPV4 address of the data center in New York (Buffalo). It is worth mentioning that OpenVZ products are sold by the vendor

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