#Fresh goods # BoomerHost pushes 1G memory OVZ, and pays $8 annually

Boomer. Host is a foreign VPS service provider. It hasn't been around for long, but the promotion provided is cost-effective. The annual payment for a 1G memory, 15G hard disk, and 1T traffic VPS is only $8.38; Double configuration and double price( Buy Link )(Note: the double here also includes double IP, that is, two IPs)

BoomerHost pushes 1G memory OVZ and pays $8 annually

  • 1GB memory
  • 1 core CPU
  • 15GB hard disk @ SSD
  • 1TB traffic @ 250Mbps
  • 1 ipv4
  • OpenVZ 7
  • Free snapshots

Buy Link

Test ip: Texas – – 2001:550:3402:32:0000:0000:0039:3d94

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