Unlimited possibilities of creating video with AI
Video information is the current main data form. AI video cloud is a cloud edge integrated service model that focuses on the production, storage, processing and distribution of "video" throughout its life cycle. Taking AI video cloud as the core, we build the predecessor of the meta universe - "AI video cloud ubiquitous application ecology", portray the real world, and create infinite possibilities for video with AI.
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AI video cloud
AI video cloud is based on new computing ecology, edge computing, low-power AI video chip and other cutting-edge technologies. Through continuous AI training, it constantly forms the ability to understand specific scenes and video structural analysis, and then provides full life cycle Cloud edge integrated service mode.
Cloud production
From pictures to live broadcast to short videos, micro plastic surgery (upgraded version of beauty), filters, stickers, and special effects (dithering), magic effects, voice changing effects, text effects specially created for short videos serve customers such as quick hand and dithering.
cloud storage
It is stable, reliable, easy to use, low cost, fast transmission, supports directories, and uses cloud storage like a PC file system. Cooperate with Web, SDK/API, FTP/FTPS, and UPX to easily play with cloud storage. Service quick look, Meituan and other customers.
Cloud distribution
Earlier, the whole network supported TLS 1.3, HTTP/2
Brotli and EdgeRules feature manufacturers use protocol optimization, intelligent scheduling and other technologies to improve the acceleration performance by more than 100% on average. Serve customers such as Dragonfly and Huashu.
Cloud processing
It provides a variety of cutting-edge technologies, such as WebP, dynamic WebP, narrowband HD, and AI training based video restoration, to serve customers such as Petal.
Serve 500000 customers+
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