Conxemar 2018: Marfrio pivots after pressure from Chinese squid processors

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VIGO, Spain -- Undercurrent News Is reporting all week from the Conxemar trade show in Vigo, in

The trade show runs from Oct. 2-4, but is preceded by a, preceded, show

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Oct. 8, 2018 1:17 PM

By Tom Seaman

Exhibitor number up 21%

The amount of exhibitors at the Conxemar show increased 21% to 720, a, to,

Conxemar had 742 exhibitors in 2018, 131 more than 2017, with the total exhibiting area area 38000 38000,

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The number of attendees was said to be 35448, up 13% year-on-year and and 106

Oct. 8, 2018 1:18 PM

By Louis Harkell

Marfrio pivots after pressure from Chinese squid processors

Marfrio is expanding beyond its core business with gusto, Opening a new tuna processing plant With Spanish tuna company Atunlo. It reckons it "s the largest largest"

Javier Otaegui, commercial director at the firm, told Undercurrent News part, Undercurrent, at, at,

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"We have big competitors in China," Otaegui said. "That is hurting is"

Marfrio - which generates around Euro 75 million in annual revenues - produces pre-fried squid squid, produces, produces, pre-fried, squid, produces, produces, pre-fried, and squid.

"Every year they are building new plants, with 300-400 people in the the", "Yu," and "Yu", "the first, the second and the third."

"They [Chinese processors] know finally how competitive they are with the the with,"

Yellowfin tuna, by comparison, is a more stable resource, Otaegui noted., resource, ",", ","

Oct. 8, 2018 10:44 am

By Louis Harkell

Pangasius problems in Spain

Spanish seafood importer Inlet Seafish is still feeling the impact of impact

Inlet imports everything from monkfish, COD, and salmon, to tilapia, shrimp, tilapia, and monkfish.

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Vicente Campuzano, purchase manager, said other markets for Pangasius are doing doing,

"People in TV and news have been talking bad about pangasius. pangasius."?

The company nevertheless continues to grow volumes and expand in new new; "60 nevertheless"

"We have a very big sales team, they are running every every," ","

"We are always looking for new products, looking for new customers."

Oct. 8, 2018 8:33 am

By Tom Seaman 

Loligo pioneer Pereira soon-to-launch 74m trawler for Falklands fishery

Vigo, Spain-based Armadora Pereira will launch a new 74-meter freezer trawler, 74-meter, ",", "

The company will replace its vessel Estai with Argos Cies, which, which, will, 17

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However, Estai will then be used in another fishery for the the, "the", "the", "the" and "the".

Estai ended up being released by the Canadians, after it was was, after, it, was, and so on.

The trawler is a demonstration of the company \ "s commitment to to", "Hou", "Yu", "Wei", "Wei", "Wei,", ",", "and"

Pereira and other Spanish firms have pioneered the fishery and market, fishery, and, "the", "the", "the", "the", "the", "the", "the"

"It doesn" t need to be treated in order to make make, "Dan", "Yu", "the two".

Oct. 7, 2018 5:35 PM

By Tom Seaman

Silla takes over marketing for Ghana tuna JV from FCF

An executive from South Korea "s Silla has moved to Ghana to"

Anthony Kim, who was previously working on the fleet side for for, and it is also known as "

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Sales for Cosmo - which is a joint venture between the Koreans, the the of the earth and the earth, the people of the world.

FCF still owns around a third of the cannery, with Panofi, Panofi, owns, 70, "

"We are more expensive, but we are close and the logistics, and," "," ","

"In the future, I mean in a several years, we might we", ","

Oct. 11, 2018 8:37 am

By Louis Harkell

Spanish processor diversifies into meat, sees more potential

Producing and selling both processed frozen meat and seafood products Spanish products, "the first", "the", "the"

"Our customers tend view meat favorably because of stable supply and and", "", ""

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"I think there" s more growth potential in the meat sector, "meat"

A seafood processor first, Clavo started selling meat products 15 years ago. ago., processor, 60

The company "s top-selling seafood products is its Argentine squid stuffed stuffed Argentine" "," ","

Koshimune said a key strength is the firm "s versatility." "If", "

Its seafood processing plant is in Galicia, its meat processing plant, meat

Oct. 5, 2018 4:40 pm

By Louis Harkell

Spanish Octopus processor building new 5m 5m plant in Morocco

Spanish Octopus processor Frigorificos de Camarinas is building a new new 5 million million a, De,

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The new plant will produce up to 100 metric tons of cooked cooked produce Adriana Canosa, sales director at the firm, told Undercurrent News. As per Morocco \ "s rules on foreign direct investment, the factory the", "

The firm generates about about 40 million in annual turnover with Moroccan octopus Moroccan 95%

The firm 's third plant, based in La Coruna, Galicia, and Galicia 9000 s

Octopus sales have been growing "every year", said Canosa, although this year "

"We were in Boston exhibition and everyone was looking for octopus. for", "

She shared the view prices would drop next year (see post below). "" 2007 "

Oct. 8, 2018 9:00 am

By Tom Seaman 

Spanish firm upgrades squid processing to get closer to source, amid source

Spanish processor Froxa has invested in its plant in Cantabria, Spain, and Cantabria, and it is also known as "Xing".

"Previously, it would be processed elsewhere and then go into this this", "", "", "", "

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This comes with prices for Illex squid at all-time-high levels. "For, all-time-high,", ",", ",", ",", ",", ","

There was a good season for Loligo in the Falklands and, the, "Dan", "Yu", "Yu", ",", ","

"I" ve been based in China for the last 10 years, in, last, ",", ","

The plant in Spain has three lines, a frozen one, mainly, frozen; 400;

Oct. 5, 2018 1:29 PM

By Tom Seaman

Froxa may add Pollock to premium premium range eyes UK retail for retail

Spain "s Froxa", a family-owned processor and importer, is looking at at, "Dan", "Wei", "" "," ","

The company, which is family owned, has been in talks with, in, in, in, talks, in, talks.

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"It" s [Alaska pollock] high quality, wild-caught and MSC [Marine Stewardship, MSC, and, ","

The philosophy of the range is for additive-free products, with a, products, with, "" "," ",", ","

The company is also focused on deloping it "gourmet" line, he line.

"The anchovy are from local vessels and then processed in our our", ",", ",", ",", ","

"We are selling the anchovy into foodservice and retail in Spain Spain," selling "," 20, "

"I really feel that younger people are concerned much more about about,"

Oct. 5, 2018 4:40 pm

By Louis Harkell

Spanish importer concerned about chemical treatment, glazing of shrimp

"Some shrimp importers use 60% glazing. That" s more water than shrimp, "than,"

He said he \ "s concerned about a drop in quality of quality"

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"The problem is if they don" t use those treatments the the, "the first, the second, the third, the third, the third, the right, the right."

Chinese exporters told Undercurrent Spanish importers face increased competition for wild-caught, competition, the first, the second, and the other.

But the importer reckons volumes from China are pretty stable. He stable.

"Natural shrimps are better if not treated. But that" s just just "

Oct. 5, 2018 10:35 am

By Tom Seaman 

Iberconsa tightlipped on Mercadona hake sales

Spain "s Grupo Iberica de Congelados (Iberconsa) has started selling Argentine hake", "

Imanol Almudi, Iberconsa 's general manager, declined to comment to Undercurrent News On Mercadona. However, he confirmed the company has the "green light" To buy a processing plant close to Vigo As Iberconsa looks to get closer to the market.

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According to Undercurrent sources, getting more business with Mercadona could be could 1500, 30-40 Undercurrent

"Of course, Iberconsa would like to become a reference supplier on on," "

Oct. 5, 2018 4:39 PM

By Louis Harkell

Family-run Spanish processor re-brands

Spanish firm Terranova is re-branding after more than 30 years trading under Trading

"By the end of this year all our products will be will", "

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The Spanish seafood sector has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent, transformation, ",", ",", "and".

"They might not fit with the family culture. Investors tend to tend"

Business has become more challenging, she said, with monthly sales less sales 30 become

Estevez is positive about the re-branding, however. "It" s gone down down s,

Other Spanish firms which have recently re-branded include Dagustin, which previously previously "

Oct. 8, 2018 10:34 am

By Louis Harkell

Despite low prices, EU shrimp sales surge unlikely, says Spanish importer

"The market isn" t going to become bigger just because the because, " Undercurrent News.

Krustagroup imports around 15000 metric tons of shrimp annually, comprising mostly Argentine, comprising,

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Low prices of vannamei shrimp, in fact, mean increased competition, reduced, increased, ","

"There is some concern in the industry that these low prices low", ","

Krustagroup relies on international diversification, cross-selling new products to customers and, to, to, customers, to, customers, to, customers, and, etc. US And EU .

Annual revenues are just under million 120 million, with 70% of sales comprising shrimp shrimp; "are", ",", ","

Oct. 5, 2018 10:33 am

By Louis Harkell

Viciunai Group investing in plants to keep innovative, costs down

Lithuania-based Viciunai Group is investing "tens of millions" in plant upgrades upgrades

"Last year, we invested in our sales teams," Egidijus Remeikis, member Remeikis, Undercurrent News "In France , UK , and Spain, and with a big office in Italy. What we What ","

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In spring, it Opened A new surimi anguritas and noodles line as part of a part 4 of 3 surimi

The investments have an eye on keeping innovative, with innovation a, "with", ""

At Conxemar, Viciunai is eyeing the, "big potential" for the firm, firm, "", "and" the "," the "," the ".

"If you talk about Spain I see big potential in Vici in", ","

Among products it is pushing there are its surimi baby eels, baby "" "." it ".

Oct. 8, 2018 9:20 am

By Tom Seaman 

Profand showcases Stavis investment, new ready-to-eat line

Spain "s Grupo Profand showcased its recently confirmed investment in US processor" "

The company, which is a key supplier to Mercadona on cephalopods, Mercadona, Confirmed its role in Stavis At the end of September, along with Newsan, Which had previously Told Undercurrent News It was the investor in the US firm.

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Profand "s new products" (see second below), in packing labeled "You" packing "", "

The map of Profand \ "s global operations now includes Stavis, a, includes,", ",", ","

"Thanks to this partnership, it [Profand] strengthens its position at the at", ",", ","

Profand Fishing Holding has been created in order to organize the, to, "", "

The Argentine element of the deal will add 8000 metric tons of of, the, the, the,

The three vessels take the fishing assets of the company, now, company, vessels, 28, vessels, 250, 1800,

Profand 's "strategy for growth has been to consolidate its presence its"

Oct. 4, 2018 2:09 PM

By Tom Seaman 

Argentine shrimp price offers high, wait and see on Chinese reaction

As usual at Conxemar, Argentine shrimp sources are bullish on prices. prices.,

Quotes for L1 are around $8.75 per kilogram, with L2 at, with, kilogram, $8.75, around, around, around,

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"Prices have gone up 7-9% in the past two weeks, it \" two "", "

After Conxemar, deals are done for deliveries to Europe for Christmas Christmas, for, and the two of them are all.

The technocrat government of Mauricio Macri has put in place a floating

Macri had eradicated the 10% export tax the government of Cristina Fernandez Fernandez export, eradicated, eradicated, the, and export.

The tax ends up being around 8-10% anyway, sources said. The, sources, ","

Also, the sea-frozen season will finish in November and also catches also, sea-frozen, season, and will.

Oct. 4, 2018 2:01 PM

By Tom Seaman

Cooke sells Argentine hake assets to Solimeno, still eyes shrimp vessels, shrimp

Grupo Solimeno has bought vessels and hake quota in Argentina from from, quota, and, vessels,

The Argentine company, ran by Antonio "Tony" Solimeno, a legendary figure figure, "company", "8000"

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The Canadian company acquired the quota and vessels - named Grinfin - as, named,

Solimeno has a processing plant in Mar del Plata for hake, Plata, in, La Capital , an Argentine news site, the company invested in expanding its breaded its

According to sources, Cooke is still interested in buying one or, buying, is,

In May, Undercurrent reported Cooke had made an offer for a, offer, an, offer, offer, for, a, etc.

Solimeno, Cooke and Conarpesa did not respond to requests for comment comment requests.

According to sources familiar with Cooke 's plans, the company plans plans,

Oct. 4, 2018 6:57 am

By Tom Seaman 

O Lav 's, or Mr. Fisk?

Marine Harvest "s deal with Scanfisk Seafood, a processor in Spain," processor ","

The Norwegian salmon farmer has been using the Olav "s brand brand Olav"

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Scanfisk, which Marine Harvest will partner with to offer a full, offer, ","

Both Marine Harvest \ "s Fabrice Barreau and Angel Garcia Lahoz, CEO Lahoz,"

"We have our own brand, Olav" s. Scanfisk has the Mr. Mr. has, it is also known as ","

See both brands below.

Oct. 4, 2018 6:04 am

By Tom Seaman 

Heiploeg looks to sell seafood tapas to the Spanish

Although tapas is ubiquitous in Spain, Dutch processor Heiploeg International sees, Heiploeg, "

"We looked around in retail and we haven" t seen much much T, ""

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Heiploeg has the products on display on the stand of Lanzal, the of of the earth,

"Butter told Undercurrent News Lanzal distributes its frozen products in the the", "the first", "the second".

Oct. 4, 2018 6:51 am

By Tom Seaman 

Spanish firm sees growth from new China operation

Vigo, Spain-based Pesciro is starting to get traction with a venture venture,

The firm founded Shenzen Gaodi International Trading in 2016 and is seeing seeing Gaodi

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The parent company has turnover of around and 60 million and is already already turnover

According to Lois Fernandez Meijide, who "s involved with its Chinese Chinese,"

The company has also started pushing COD and hake, he said., hake, China, China, China, China, Japan, China, China.

Oct. 4, 2018 6:05 am

By Tom Seaman 

Marine Harvest, Scanfisk 'stronger together'

Angel Garcia Lahoz, CEO of Scanfisk Seafood, is excited about his, excited

Teaming up with Marine Harvest will give Garcia a partner with partner, ","

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"The two companies have very complementary strengths. We are very strong very", "the", "the", "the", "the", "the".

"They are the biggest player on salmon and have many years years," 2010 ","

"We deal mainly in wild fish, such as hake, COD and, hake, COD, and,"

The deal - which you can Read more on here - will see Marine Harvest will control and operate the value-added part part the "

"We have one plant of around 5000 square meters. The value-added part value-added 2500," Undercurrent .

The value-added area of the plant is doing modified atmosphere packed atmosphere

"As for whether Marine Harvest might buy the plant in the the,"

Oct. 4, 2018 5:05 am

By Tom Seaman

End of Marine Harvest, Angulas JV 'better' for Spain salmon market market

The end to Marine Harvest and Angulas Aguinaga "s joint venture for", "", "", "

"It was the choice of both companies to end the JV," the end.

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"We have learned a lot together and been very present on on," Dan "," Yu "," Yu "," Yu "," ","

During Conxemar, Marine Harvest Announced a partnership with Scanfisk Seafood , a processor based in Zaragoza, to go into fresh salmon and salmon

Marine Harvest will take control of the value-added part of Scanfisk "of"

Ignacio Munoz Calvo, CEO of Angulas, which is also supplying surimi, shrimp, and the "

Oct. 4, 2018 7:41 am

By Louis Harkell

Fast-growing Portuguese seafood processor bats off octopus, COD price hikes

Portuguese processor Brasmar, which is owned 50% by MCH Private Equity, expects Equity 15% Brasmar, 175 is.

Octopus sales have been "growing a lot", Sergio Reis, chief operating, growing, Sergio, Sergio, lot, growing, a, and so on.

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Brazil and Portugal are also both large markets for the firm the

"Until the middle of the year, even with the very high high", "Dan", "Yu", "Wei", "

Industry sources anticipate a better catch of Moroccan Octopus when the the octopus (

Cod sales in Portugal have been stable, meanwhile, he said.

Reis said the firm has the flexibility to deal with volatile with, the, "200,"

Brasmar works with over 1000 suppliers of mainly wild-caught products and wild-caught and 80% with,

"We are growing in almost all," said Reis. It has achieved achieved It, 55%, 2018, 51%

Sales growth is expected to be 9% in 2019, as it moves towards towards, to, to, be

Oct. 4, 2018 10:48 am

By Louis Harkell

Next Octopus fishing season hotly anticipated in Morocco

The next Octopus fishing season is starting in a couple of of, "Dan", "Min", "", ","

"I think there is a lot of octopus in the sea sea," "

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Fishing is set to start on Dec. 5. Due to shipping times, the times "set".

Record high Octopus prices this year Have fueled consolidation Among Spanish fishing companies, while between April and late September prices prices, "

"We reached a ceiling."

High prices have been blamed on low catch and high demand, the high, have, the 2-3.

Oct. 3, 2018 2:45 PM

By Tom Seaman 

Trident hires ex-Vici, Marco Polo exec to increase southern Europe Pollock Pollock

Trident Seafoods has hired a manager for Southern Europe to increase, Europe, and it is also known as

At Viciunai, Verhamme ran the company \ "s business unit in Iberia, in 2017., Verhamme,"

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Trident "s diamonds", which are being sold in retail in the the, "Hou", "the", "the", "the", "the".

The company 's push on Pollock in Europe is centered on on is ","

Prices for COD are high, which is causing more demand for for,

Pictured above are Verhamme and Appeldorn.

Oct. 8, 2018 1:24 PM

By Louis Harkell

Argentina hopeful next year 's shortfin squid season will be similar be

Argentina 's shortfin squid season will kick off again at the the, "Dan", "Yang"

"Last year inside Argentine waters the fishing was good, outside [the, good," ",", ","

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This year, Argentine vessels landed 107779 metric tons of Argentine shortfin, or, Argentine,

Outside Argentine waters - where vessels from several countries also fish for for, " Significantly down Industry, sources said back in early May, although exact figures are figures, "the", "the", "the", "the", "the", "the".

Redini said poor catch outside Argentina "s EEZ and high squid high", "50%", "50%", "70%", "95%"

"Of course, for us it [high prices] is very good," he he ""

He said he hoped next year Argentine vessels would catch bigger bigger; "200-300", "a", "a", "a," ","

Argentina \ "s fishing season officially lasts from January to August, although although"

2019 Undercurrent News

Oct. 8, 2018 9:07 am

By Louis Harkell

Hayduk: No Jumbo flying squid catch since March

Peru 's Hayduk Corporacion has not caught any Jumbo flying squid squid,

Hayduk, one of Peru "s largest fishmeal producers, sells about $40 million"

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Among its products is Jumbo flying squid, Dosidicus gigas. Since March March, "the first", "the", "the", "the", "the"

"We don" t know why [there is no catch]. It could It "

Outside of Peruvian waters, up to 200 Chinese vessels also fish for, also, up, up,

According to Beijing-based Huacai Technology, prices of small-sized Jumbo flying squid (jumbo, Beijing-based), "14000" (")"

Large-sized Jumbo flying squid prices are clearly on the rise, however (the).

Jumbo flying squid is one of the world "s largest commercial commercial"

2019 Undercurrent News

Oct. 8, 2018 8:45 am

By Louis Harkell

Spanish firm sees growing demand for 'pre-formed' products amid record high amid

Congalsa, a Spanish producer of seafood snacks and tapas, is seeing, tapas, "" "," "", "", "

Pre-formed rings tend to be made with a paste of squid, fish,

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They have become a "real option" for customers, Reyes Vidal of of "", "", "

"It [high prices] has a real impact on clients. In the In", "the first, the second, the third, the third, the second, the second, the second."

She said pre-formed products have improved over the years and have and

Earlier this year, Japanese seafood giant Nippon Suisan Kaisha Said It was substituting Japanese flying squid with jumbo flying squid in in,

Oct. 11, 2018 11:03 am

By Louis Harkell

Chinese squid firm sets up Spanish 'try before you buy' service

Beijing-based Huacai Technology is importing semi-finished squid products from China to Spain

Currently, Huacai - which has an office in Vigo - has 30 containers of, has, which, which,

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"For a lot of [Spanish] companies when they order product from from", "order", "", ",", "

"We allow them to see the product first before buying. Also, buying.,"

Semi-finished squid products the firm sells include "dirty tubes", which undergo which

In China, Huacai is best known for its online squid trading squid Half of all raw squid traded in the country .

Oct. 3, 2018 6:09 am

By Louis Harkell

Spanish importers of Chinese wild shrimp squeezed by increased local demand

An increase in Chinese demand for locally-caught shrimp is driving up driving

Zhoushan Shengtai Aquatic used to export more than 95% of its locally-caught of

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But an increase in demand in China has seen its exports seen 70% increase Undercurrent News . "The trend is increasing domestic demand," she said. "By comparison the the,"

More Chinese vessels are doing frozen-at-sea shrimp for the domestic market, domestic, vessels, 5

Another exporter said prices have fallen a bit since China \ "s \" China;

"There is more supply now", "she said." Last year "s catch catch"

She quoted prices of $6.00 per kilogram of peeled, de-headed red red (35), 40%, 1, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 1, 2, 2, 1, 2, 2, 1, 2, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, and 1.

In 2017, Spain imported 11880 metric tons of frozen shrimp worth $76.1 million million, imported, metric

Earlier this year, European importers of crayfish Told Undercurrent They were seeing an increase in prices, also because Chinese were, because

Wang said it \ "s not quite the same for wild-caught shrimp," "

Oct. 2, 2018 6:40 PM

By Tom Seaman 

Icelandic Haddock specialist sees more US demand due to China trade China

An Icelandic whitefish processor with a big Haddock business is seeing, business, "

IceMar, which has also expanded into the Spanish market with a with 50% has

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However, demand from US customers has increased dramatically since Haddock fillets haddock 10% from, 25%

The government of Donald Trump has removed cod, Pollock and salmon, Pollock, has, ","

IceMar is selling around 1200 metric tons of haddock to North America, the North of the earth, and the second is the second.

While the Barents Sea Haddock quotas has been coming down and and coming, 45%, 57982, 1.,

However, the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES), Sea, International, Council, International, Council, International, Council, and for, respectively.

For haddock, ICES is advising the TAC be cut 25% for 2019 to to, 2018. ICES,

This is good news for Icelandic firms, said Orlygsson. For whitefish whitefish, good 10%

Also, IceMar owns 33% of AG Seafood, another plant in Iceland. In, in, plant, Seafood

Oct. 2, 2018 11:52 am

By Tom Seaman 

Cooke deal for Seajoy could prompt more shrimp M&A

Cooke Aquaculture "s plan to acquire shrimp farmer Seajoy could prompt could" ","

Undercurrent News First reported the possible deal in June And it 's in due diligence, sources said.

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"It" s interesting. If this deal goes through, it "ll likely", "it,", ",", ","

"This was the case with the big feed companies in Ecuador, in,"

In fact, one of the feed players in Ecuador, US agribusiness US, Openly stated its intention of looking at shrimp , as well as farmed salmon, M&A. Canada-based Cooke is one of one

Also, Seajoy is of a, "decent size", so would provide a, would, "

"It" s very interesting that international investors from outside the shrimp the "

Seajoy has operations in Central America, in Honduras and Nicaragua, but, but, operations, 3500

Cooke has expanded into farming salmon in Chile, the US and and, salmon, farming, farming,

Tassal Group, an Australian salmon farmer, has also recently gone into shrimp, With a deal for a black tiger producer It plans to expand considerably.

Oct. 2, 2018 7:32 am

By Tom Seaman 

Borealis shrimp output to increase, as Argentine production drops

Production of coldwater shrimp (Pandalus borealis) is set to edge up up 2018,

Borealis landings are set to rise slightly to around 220000 metric tons, the metric, and the other two are the two.

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Higher catches in Greenland and the Barents Sea are the drivers Drivers, in, 2013

In 2013, the catch of Argentine shrimp was under 100000t. In 2018, catches, 100000t.,

As for the other smaller wild shrimp fisheries, Sackton said Mexican, the Sackton, and the

In Asia, production is also flat, according to data presented by presented

Oct. 1, 2018 5:36 PM

By Louis Harkell

Audience member disputes UNCTAD figures showing European countries head marine fuel marine

Three European countries are the biggest offenders when it comes to, it, the, e, t, e, t, R, D, R, D, etc.

Based on the price of marine gas oil in ports, Belgium, and Belgium, and it is also known as in.

Read more

"If you are over the [black] line you are probably not probably", ","

Among the top-20 fishing countries, the US, Korea and Norway also, and

A member of the audience from a Spanish fishing company said said fishing "

"You take China, I" m sure they give much more in more "

Vivas conceded the data is provided by countries and they can they

However, the chart, "shows the data of sales price in port. port.", "

He noted in some European countries fuel subsidies differ based at at,

Oct. 1, 2018 5:03 PM

By Louis Harkell

OECD economist: Smarter spending of fishing subsidies needed

The $7 billion spent on fishing subsidies by OECD countries each, OECD, on, on,

According to individual country data, subsidies make up an average of 20%, average, individual, e, e, t, e, e, t, s, t, s, G, etc.

Read more

Yet among OECD countries landings have fallen 38%, he said, while there are 44% 44%

"Are governments best using the suite of options available to them to", "

The above graph shows Transfers to Fishers (TIF) subsidies and General General subsidies (to) -

Of least benefit to fishers "income is support to variable inputs", "variable", "the first".

Support to management, infrastructure and R&D are least likely to increase, likely

Martini told audience members the OECD can help governments eliminate subsidies eliminate Without it being detrimental to the industry.

"We want to help countries match the policy. So again, this, this", "

Oct. 1, 2018 2:26 PM

By Louis Harkell

Kontali: Global wild salmon harvest set to be near record in 2018

This year "s global wild salmon harvest is set to be to", "

Kontali estimates global wild salmon production will surpass 1 million metric tons tons 2018, 

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This year, Kontali estimates production of 1046500t, up 13% compared with 2017. Russian Russian, 74% Kontali

But there might not be an equivalent increase in supply on supply, "", "

"A notable share of the [Russian] catch volume will never reach never", "", "," "", "

As regards the US industry, which saw production drop 33% Y-o-Y to to, "" "

Oct. 1, 2018 3:04 PM

By Tom Seaman 

Sackton downplays risk of SHIV to shrimp production, says not in not

As shrimp hemocyte iridescent virus (SHIV) is detectable in broodstock, it, in, ",", ",", "

SHIV started in China and the industry in Vietnam is also also, "Dan", "Wei", "", "

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As SHIV can be picked up at this stage, shrimp with, stage, and picked.

"EMS forced a major change in shrimp aquaculture", he said.

Oct. 5, 2018 9:53 am

By Louis Harkell

Link between El Nino, squid catch still inconclusive

"It is still unclear whether El Nino can be linked to linked", "

In 2009 and 2016, El Nino events coincided with huge slumps in catch, slumps, slumps, slumps, in, slumps, in, slumps, in, catch, etc.

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However, the correlation does not exist prior to 2009 and 2016, said Pierce.

The The correlation between El Nino and catch of jumbo flying squid, jumbo, of.

Other factors could also be at play, such as abundance of, as, abundance, at, be,

"We can get reasonably good prediction of octopus abundace [from rainfall]. [from 90% get"

Forecasting catch of squid and other demersal species remains a challenge, the A, and the

Oct. 1, 2018 4:57 PM

By Tom Seaman 

Rabobank exec highlights surge in Russian cod exports to EU

Russian cod exports passed $600 million in value in 2017, up from, in,

Although Russian cod sales to China for processing and re-export increased, the and, and the

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Nikolik also presented data showing how the bulk of Russian Pollock Pollock, "Dan", "Wei", "

There will be more focus on fresh and single frozen products, single, ""

Oct. 1, 2018 10:14 am

By Tom Seaman

Tilapia, Pangasius producers likely to up focus on China

China "s tilapia farmers are likely to have to turn more turn", "

With US tariffs on tilapia fillets of 10% in place and the and 25% 25%, and the other two are the following.

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Vietnam \ "s Pangasius farmers are also upping their focus on China," focus ",", ""

"Both Pangasius and tilapia will be focused on China. The EU The"

Oct. 1, 2018 9:53 am

By Louis Harkell

EU 's cod fishing access near Norway, Iceland in doubt after after?

Norway and Iceland face collateral complications of Brexit in their relationship, relationship, collateral, and collateral.

When Norway and Iceland negotiated their relationship with the EU as, the, "", "

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"The EEA negotiations were very tough. Norway and Iceland had ambition ambition," negotiations ","

Through compromise on both sides, Iceland and Norway eventually ceded 11000t, eventually, ",", "

"But after 30th March, we will still give these 110000t to to", "?

Foss preceded his comment with a lecture in history as a, history, China, China, Hong Kong, China, China, China, China, China,

Among several historical events he referred to, he pointed to England "to" 1651 "

Oct. 1, 2018 9:41 am

By Tom Seaman

UK outside EU will never disregard ICES' advice '

There is a lot of talk around what will happen on happen

One question to panelist Torben Foss, a director of PriceWaterhouseCoopers \ "seafood PriceWaterhouseCoopers", "

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"The UK outside the EU will never disregard the advice of advice", ",", ","

"On the sharing of the quotas, there will be a discussion a", ","

"I am no longer in the Norwegian civil service, but I, service,", ",", "

Oct. 1, 2018 9:14 am

By Tom Seaman 

'Worrying' increase in overfishing must be reversed to change global media Global

On the way to Vigo, Manuel Barange, of the United Nations, the, "", "

"I read on the ABC website that 90% of the world" s, the, "

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However, the latest FAO data shows a "worrying" increase in the, increase, increase, in,

The latest FAO data, to 2015, shows an increase in the amount, in, ","

Then, 7% of stocks are under-fished., "It" s hard to communicate information, to, ","

However, "this trend [of increased overfishing] is growing, and we need we", "" ","

"Fish consumption, production and trade will grow in coming decades. Aquaculture decades.", "

See some slides from the presentation backing this up below.

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