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Wordpress Next
Wordpress function: get_adjacent_post

Wordpress's "get_adjacent_post" function is used to obtain adjacent articles, which is more flexible than "previous_post_link" and "next_post_link". An example of using the function is as follows: get_adjacent_post ($in_same_term=false, $excluded_t

Wordpress function 2022-03-26 five hundred and fifty-seven 0 Comments

Wordpress obtains the website title of the previous article and the next article separately

Wordpress has many functions to get from the previous and next articles. By default, it uses the "previous_post_link()" function in the previous article and the "next_post_link()" function in the next article. However, these two functions output a complete A tag. Although they can also be customized, how to customize their output is still html. In some personalized topics, these two functions

Wordpress Tutorial 2022-03-22 seven hundred and ninety-four 0 Comments

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