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 Zblog plug-in: website announcement in the lower right corner

Zblog plug-in: website announcement in the lower right corner

Application features: website announcement in the lower right corner, width+color can be set.

  • Applicable procedures : zblogphp 1.1 and above
  • Apply Price Free Admission
  • Number of views : 9314 persons
  • Update Date : July 15, 2015 (This date is the last update date of the application. Please refer to whether your application is the latest version)
  • Apply Label
  • Application Introduction
  • Purchase Instructions
  • instructions

Lower right corner website Notice, width+color can be set.

Front desk presentation:

 Zblog plug-in: website bulletin in the lower right corner website bulletin zblog plug-in zblog plug-in page 1

Background demonstration:

 Zblog plug-in: website bulletin in the lower right corner website bulletin zblog plug-in zblog plug-in page 2

Before purchase

  1. 1. The theme plug-ins sold on this site are all source code products. Cancellation and refund will not be supported after order payment. Please purchase carefully!!!
  2. 2. The copyright of all applications on this website belongs to
  3. 3. Click the "Buy Now" button on this page to place an order, and then automatically jump to "Member Center - Order" for payment;
  4. 4. Supported payment methods: Alipay and WeChat payment;
  5. 5. If you have other questions, please: QQ Contact Us

Need to know

  1. 1. Each application has a corresponding application, and you can view the corresponding available application next to the thumbnail at the top of this page;
  2. 2. There are zblogphp For the corresponding applications of zblogasp, wordpress, dedecms and emlog, please make sure that the applications you purchase are consistent with your website applications;
  3. 3. The applications sold on this website only include the application itself, without website data;
  4. 4. There are no domain name authorization restrictions for all applications on this site, as long as you can ensure that your own account is used. There is a monitoring code. If an application is found to be sold for a second time, it will be blocked once verified.
  5. 5. You are responsible for complying with any applicable laws when using the app. Tianxing Studio will not bear any responsibility for the consequences of any infringement of other people's rights or laws.

Download after purchase

  1. After the purchase is completed, you can download the application in the member center - My Order;

Install Theme

  1. Installation tutorial of zblogasp and zblogphp topic plug-ins:
  2. Detailed installation tutorial of wordpress theme:
  3. Detailed tutorial of dedecms topic installation:
  4. Detailed installation tutorial of emlog topic:

Installing plug-ins

  1. The zblogphp plug-in is installed by uploading and downloading files directly in the background of your website - plug-in management;

Apply Updates

  1. When you receive the application update prompt, you can log in to the site and open the member center - My Order to download the application file;
  2. Repeat the above installation steps to complete the application update. The updated application will not affect any data on your website;
  3. Users who have modified the app themselves should carefully select the app update, which will overwrite all your modifications.

yes five Comments from netizens:

  •  BeautifulDays

    BeautifulDays Seven years ago (2017-08-31) reply

    Hello, your plug-in is very good. When I uploaded to my own blog, the page opened very slowly. Is it in conflict with my theme? It was restored after entering the ftp delete plug-in

    •  Tianxing Studio

      Tianxing Studio Seven years ago (2017-09-01) reply

      This kind of plug-in will not affect the speed of the website and will not pull any resources. It is pure CSS. Please check other reasons.

  •  Netizens of Tianxing Studio

    Netizens of Tianxing Studio Nine years ago (July 24, 2015) reply

    I think it's very good. It would be better if you could insert a URL into the content and click to open it directly when previewing

  •  80 Tavern

    80 Tavern Nine years ago (2015-07-17) reply

    Ouch, I'm the sofa again Thank you for sharing

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