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Tianxing Template Studio Customized Template/Site Imitation Precautions

Tianxing Studio 2013-06-19 04:48 Preferential activities ten thousand two hundred and fifty-eight 1 Comments

This article was reprinted from "Henghui Studio". Personally, it is very well written, clear and well organized. I hope you can contact us for customization Template / dedecms It will save time if I can spare some time to look at it.

Tianxing formwork Steps of customizing template/imitating station in the studio:

be careful

1. All template presentations do not provide background by default;

2. Template making does not include installation, debugging website Add columns, relevant settings and add any data in the background;

3. After the final payment, it means that the customer has no objection to the template's style, color, layout, etc. At the same time, when the template needs to be modified later, the website has the right to charge a certain fee, but it does not exclude the situation of free modification;

4. When the customer pays the advance payment, it means that the customer has agreed to the relevant requirements put forward on this page of the website;

5. Our templates are compatible with mainstream browsers such as IE8/9, Firefox, Chrome and Opera by default.

Production cost: Z blog template production starting price: 100 yuan/page. The starting price of Dede template production: 100 yuan/page. The specific price is subject to negotiation.

After sales service: any problems caused by the template maker will be corrected at the first time.

Problems caused by non template makers:

1. If the workload is small, it will be modified free of charge,

2. If the workload is large, a certain amount of fees will be charged depending on the workload.

Other matters: detailed discussion

Relevant production instruction documents shall be provided for the tasks such as template production on the site, whether it is imitating the site or Psd output or template modification.

The template preparation instruction document requirements are as follows:

Simulated station:

1. Specify which pages and detailed links of pages need to be copied

2. If some content of the page needs to be modified, please specify how to modify it

3. If there are special needs on the page, please specify

4. Describe the specific call of each part in the template; Such as popular articles, random recommendations, latest updates, etc


1. The psd layer is clear and each layer is named clearly at a glance

2. If there are special needs involved in the picture, please add a document description. If there are members logging in and registering, please make a style picture after logging in; For example, if some tabs or mouse have moved and need color change or background change, please prepare pictures or describe color attributes

3. Explain the specific call of each part in the picture; Such as popular articles, random recommendations, latest updates, etc

Html nested tag class:

1. Explain the specific call of each part in the html template; Such as popular articles, random recommendations, latest updates, etc

2. Please specify some special places in the html template

Template modification Class:

1. Specify the locations where the original template needs to be modified and the detailed requirements

2. At the same time, we should point out what needs our attention

Other tasks:

1. No matter what kind of task, please specify clearly, even if it is a small request!

The purpose of providing template preparation instruction documents is to:

1、 It can make your template more accurate to achieve the effect you need.

2、 It is to save both parties' time.

3、 It is to avoid misunderstanding caused by template making.

4、 When you write this document, you will find that many things you did not expect will come to mind little by little, so that your template can achieve better results.

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